"... or Not To Be" is a The Secret Life of the American Teenager episode from season three.


Adrian and Ben go to the hospital, as Adrian believes that the baby is coming.

Madison tells Lauren that she and Jack had sex but regretted it and that they’re just gonna date now and her dad overhears and gives her money to spend on dinner out with Jack.

Amy and Ricky get ready to go on an overnight trip, to which they will sleep in the same room but not have sex with each other. While they’re at school during the day they talk about their overnight trip and notice that Jack and Madison are not broken up like they thought they were going to.

Kathleen finds out that Tom has a girlfriend, named Rachel, who has two children. She is upset when she finds out that he wants to marry her. She tells Jack that Tom has money from his birth mother, and that he got some from Marshall when he died. Her mood gets better when Jeff, her husband who has been away in Zimbabwe, comes home, but is upset when she finds out that he wants to go back.

George finds out that Ashley and Toby took the GED, and that they both passed. He is not happy with either of them, especially when Ashley wants to get emancipated, and that she and Toby want to travel across America together, unsupervised. George tells Anne that Ashley and Toby took the GED, and she is annoyed but not angry.

While waiting for Ricky to get off work, Amy bonds with Nora and Margaret. Nora tells Amy that she is the best thing that happened to Ricky.

Leo gets a call from Ben at work, and Camille, his assistant, asks him what is wrong. Leo says that he doesn't know the full story, but that Ben sounded upset on the phone. Camille says that she's sure that he can fix the problem, whatever it is. Leo says that he's not sure if he can. As the elevator doors close, Camille says, "I love you, Leo".

Tom sends out a massive text to everyone: Amy and Ricky, Ashley, Grace and Grant, Madison and Lauren, and Henry and Alice that Adrian is having the baby. They all show up at the hospital, but Amy and Ricky show up last, and Ashley doesn't show up at all.

Grace was originally upset with Grant when she found out that he still keeps in touch with his ex-girlfriend (the one before Ashley) named Angie. They all go out to dinner, and Grace tells Angie that she's fat. She quickly apologizes (after being reprimanded by Grant), and they all end up having a nice meal.

Leo says to everyone (with the exception of Ricky and Amy) that Adrian's okay, but that the baby passed away. Everyone leaves in tears (except Henry and Alice) as Amy and Ricky arrive. Amy goes up to Leo and asks if everything is okay. Leo tells her that everything is not okay.

Ben comes up to Amy and Ricky and tells them that Adrian wants to see Amy. Amy tells Ben that she can't see her, but Ben begs her to. Amy goes into Adrian's room.

Leo explains to Ricky that when Adrian and Ben went to the hospital yesterday that, "...she was okay. Yesterday she was okay. But today she's gone..."

Amy holds Adrian as they both cry, and she apologizes to her for her loss. Ben sobs wretchedly outside Adrian's room, and Ricky comforts him.

The last shot of Ben and Adrian is Adrian asleep on her hospital bed, and Ben holding her, but looking up at the ceiling, as if trying to fathom what they'd done to deserve this. Amy and Ricky go back to his apartment, and Amy lies down on Ricky's bed. He begins to take off his shirt, but thinks better of it and just lies down beside her. Amy whispers to Ricky that she wants to have sex with him. Ricky, shocked, asks her if she wants to do it right at that moment. Amy whispers to him, "Now and forever" and they kiss, holding each other in their sorrow as the episode ends.

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