"A New Kind of Green" is the eighth episode of Season 2 of The Secret Life of the American Teenager . It aired on August 10, 2009.


George has made it his mission to break up Anne and David. But if he thought he could bully David out of the picture, well, he's wrong. When the two guys meet at a bar to talk about the baby, Anne, and that car David's about to buy for Amy, David shows no sign of backing down.

Which could mean bad news for Adrian, who's still intent on taking over George's house—that is, IF George can work his way back in with Anne. And that, at the moment, is looking a little tricky, especially when Anne tells George she's not sure if she loves either him or David—and that maybe she just wants to date around some more.

But back to Adrian. When she goes over to George's house to do some recon work on Ricky and Amy next door, she catches them fighting in what seems like a heated lovers' quarrel. But really, Amy's just trying to pry out of Ricky whether or not Ben hooked up with anyone in Bologna. No matter how many times Ben's denied it, Amy just doesn't believe him.

Ricky, meanwhile, catches Adrian spying and goes next door to see what her deal is. When she reveals that Ruben's buying George's house, neither Ricky nor Amy is pleased. Amy tells her to dream on, because George certainly isn't moving back in with Anne. Later, Ricky tells Ashley he just can't stop cheating on Adrian. But hey, as Ashley says—he didn't think he could be a good dad, and now he is. So he can do anything if he just puts his mind to it, right?

George, on the other hand, calls Ruben about seeing the house—because, like it or not, he's moving back in to Anne's and becoming "a daddy again." As for Ricky and Adrian, when he tries to tell her something important, she automatically senses he's about to reveal something she won't want to hear, so she changes the subject. So now they have a "don't ask, don't tell" policy, huh?

Discretion is the last thing Amy's interested in. She's still hounding Ben about whether he hooked up with anyone in Italy. Ben swears he didn't and suggests a romantic evening out. And while those two are trying to figure out how to make their relationship work, Grace and Jack may have hit a new obstacle: Jack accidentally reveals that he hung out with Madison a few times while Grace was gone this summer—alone. Uh-oh.

Relationships in high school can be a challenge, so it's a good thing Ashley's new gay friend, Griffin, is there to keep guys away from her (and vice versa). They've made a pact: No dating in high school. And after all the drama with Amy, Ricky, Ben, Grace, Jack, and Adrian, that looks like a great idea.

As for the adults, Anne and David are finally going their separate ways, but not before David gives her a little parting gift: the brand-new SUV he'd promised to Amy. Now Anne can choose to keep it or give it to Amy. David's hoping that, after Anne has her baby, she'll come back to work with him—and fall right back into his arms. He's even made a bet with George about it. Nice.

Adrian goes to Ricky's to talk him into having a real relationship with her, for once—no cheating, no lying. He's not so receptive at first, since one of Adrian's side flings approached him in the hallway earlier that day, but eventually they agree to try to be better and more honest with each other. Their peaceful evening is interrupted when Amy and Ben barge in. Amy's furious that Adrian told Ben about Ricky sleeping over at the Juergens household a few times during the summer (just to take care of the baby!). But she flips out even more when she sees Adrian holding John, and verbally rips into Adrian.

Adrian shoots back that George has accepted Ruben's offer to buy his house. Looks like there will be a lot more fighting for those two ... .

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