"Absent" is the seventh episode of Season 1 of The Secret Life of the American Teenager. It aired on August 12, 2008.


Latest word around school is that Amy's about to skip town to go live at her grandmother's. Although Ben's trying his hardest to get her to stay, it looks like she's already made up her mind.

And, while Amy's talking about skipping town, everybody else seems to be skipping school for the day. While Ben takes a day off to sort things out and visit his mother's grave, Ricky plays hooky at Adrian's house ... only to run into Amy's dad. Not a shock that George near-pummels him and makes him promise to never go near Amy or the baby, ever (OR tell people that George is sleeping with Cindy, Adrian's mom, but that's another story). But Ricky doesn't keep promises ... so, it's not like he's going to keep this one. Instead, he goes over to the Juergens household to have a little heart-to-heart with Amy, for the first time since that one fateful night. Could he be having a little self-realization?

Adrian, too, skips out on school early. But, instead of finding Ricky back at home, she runs into George. And he's gotten her a present ... a brand-new desk. That turns out to be the hot conversation topic between Adrian and Grace, when the two do something strange and try to be friends.

So, while Ricky's over at the Juergens place straightening things out, Anne and George's relationship is still on the rocks. Anne's determined to keep George out of the house, even when he claims they need him now more than ever. And, finally, Ben gets over his hatred of saying goodbyes and shows up at Amy's door. Is she really headed to grandma Mimsy's for good? Or will Ben's love persuade her to stay?