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Adrian Lee Enriquez is the daughter of Ruben Enriquez and Cindy Enriquez (who were teenage parents themselves); wife of Omar; ex-wife of Ben Boykewich; ex-girlfriend of Ricky Underwood, Antonio, and Max; and best friend of Grace Bowman. She is portrayed by Francia Raisa.


Adrian is book-smart, hard-edged, and, emotional. She is a straight-A student and a majorette. Adrian has had strong feelings for Ricky, despite her claims that she doesn't anymore after they stop talking to each other. In fact, she spends the entire series obsessing over Ricky, much like Ben obsesses over Amy.

Adrian grew up never knowing who her father was, until she went on a search to find him. Now she lives with her mother, Cindy Enriquez, who married her father after 16 years, and lives next door to George Juergens. Her mother is a flight attendant and her father is an Assistant DA.

Adrian and Ben had a one-night stand in The Rhythm of Life which resulted in Adrian getting pregnant because Ben's condom broke and she forgot that she had not been taking her birth control pills long enough for the mom to be effective. She had her mind set on abortion, but she eventually backed out and decided to keep the baby.

Adrian's decision to keep the baby has received a lot of positive support from her father, and even Amy who had called her to let her know that she is giving Adrian the same offer she once gave her to be friends because Amy Juergens said that one day, their kids might even play together. The reasoning behind Adrian has sex with Ben was because Amy kissed Ricky. Adrian was mad at Ricky for kissing Amy.

In the episode Good Girls and Boys, Ricky breaks up with her due to the fact that she slept with Ben.

During the Season 2 finale, Ben There, Done That, Adrian tells Ben she may be pregnant from their encounter and they go into Ben's bathroom so she can take a pregnancy test. The test comes back positive and they are both heartbroken.

In the season three premiere, Adrian tells Ben she's not pregnant and she got her period, but Ben (after being convinced by Henry and Alice) thinks that she's lying. At the end of the episode, Adrian calls the Women's Clinic.

Adrian tells Ashley she is pregnant and plans to get an abortion. Ashley tells Adrian should tell Ben, but she says she can't because "Ben doesn't want to know, he just wants to be with your sister."

Adrian wants to tell Cindy (Adrian's mom) about the pregnancy before Rubin (Adrian's dad). Leo (Ben's dad) tells Rubin about the pregnancy. Late at night when Cindy gets home Rubin tells Cindy about Adrian being pregnant. Adrian plans to have an abortion much to her father's dismay. Adrian goes to the clinic to have the abortion. However, she decides not to do it and decides to keep the baby with Ben.

After Amy finds out from Ben that Adrian is pregnant with his child, she offers her friendship to Adrian and Adrian accepts. Ricky talks to Adrian for the first time since their break up and they kiss, but they agree to just be friends. However, Adrian admits to her baby that she is still in love with Ricky.

In Rules of Engagement, the end shows Ben and Adrian kiss after he tells her that he wants her to keep the friendship ring he gave her.

In "Who Do You Trust," Adrian begins her senior year of high school, pregnant and happy to be back. Ben reveals to Grace Bowman and Jack Pappas that he and Adrian are now "we" (meaning that they're dating).

They both tell Grace and Jack that Adrian is twenty weeks into her pregnancy and that they get to find out the sex of the baby. Later that day, they are seen holding hands at the hospital.

In a happy mood. Ben tells Adrian that if she's uncomfortable with him wanting to come into the room with her, then he'll stay in the waiting room. Adrian explains to Ben that it hurts her that he wanted to be there for Amy when she was pregnant with John, but that he seemed unwilling to be there for her.

Ben says that he'll be there for Adrian, and at the very end of the episode, he takes Adrian home, where Adrian's parents are pacing around the kitchen, trying to predict what the baby will be. They both agree that they would like a grandson, and then Adrian and Ben show up together. Then, Ben reveals in Spanish that they are expecting a daughter.

In Mirrors, Ben asks Adrian to move in with him. Adrian declines, and tells him that she wouldn't consider moving in with Ben, unless they were married. When Ben looks pleased with that, Adrian tells him that they are just friends, and that he shouldn't get any ideas.

In Guess Who's Not Coming to Dinner, Ben asks Adrian out to dinner and she accepts. He asks her if she wants to go to this new Mexican fusion place downtown, but she tells him that she wants this cheaper place called Poppi's Tacos, because she's craving it.

Ben tells Leo that he wants to propose to Adrian and Leo convinces Ben to talk to Adrian's parents about it first. He does and both Cindy and Reuben agree to allow Ben to propose, but as long as they both do it exactly how Adrian wants.

Ben rents out all of Poppi's Tacos and proposes to Adrian instantly after her arrival. She quickly starts crying, after Ben reveals his love for her and quickly accepts his proposal. Ben asks Adrian if she wants to think about it, but she tells him that she doesn't and that she loves him.

In Young at Heart, Grace accompanies Adrian to a wedding dress shop where it is revealed to Grace that Adrian and Ben have been having sex regularly. Adrian asks Grace if she should get married in a church and then wonders if Jack's stepfather, Sam Stone would be willing to perform the ceremony.

In Round II, Adrian and Amy continue a fight that they picked up in "Loose Lips." After Amy rudely tells Adrian that she has no idea what it's like to be a teenage mother, Adrian reveals to Amy that her mother and father were teenage parents. At the end of the episode, Amy and Grace have found several girls that Adrian has helped out during high school and they all agree to come to Adrian's baby shower.

In It's Not Over Till It's Over, Adrian tells Katelyn O'Malley that her plan is to come to school a week after the baby is born (that is, after she and Ben have hired a nanny).

During that time, she experiences some wedding jitters and has a conversation with Tom Bowman, who is apparently still in love with her. Tom convinces Adrian to go through with the wedding. At the end of the episode, Adrian Lee becomes Mrs. Adrian Boykewich.

In To Be..., Adrian and Ben settle into their condo as a married couple. They sleep too late the first school morning as man and wife, and end up coming late to school. Grace convinces everyone to stand out in the hall and throw rice at them during their arrival. Amy is annoyed at the attention they are getting, but Adrian loves it.

When Adrian and Ben are trying to fall asleep later that night, Adrian tells Ben that she's uncomfortable. Ben asks her if she's going into labor and she tells Ben that she doesn't know.

In the Season 3 finale, ... or Not To Be, Ben rushes home from work after getting a call from Adrian. He asks her if she's going into labor and Adrian says that she's not sure, but her doctor told her to go to the hospital. In snippets, we slowly learn what has happened. Tom calls Adrian and Adrian tells him that she is at the hospital and that she can't talk. She then cries and Ben comforts her.

Tom comes home from work and tells Jack that Adrian's having the baby. Jack tells Madison (who in turn tells Lauren) and Grace and Grant, who tell Henry and Alice, followed by Ashley and finally, Amy and Ricky. Happy at the news, everyone (except Amy and Ricky) rush to the hospital to wish them well.

During this time, Adrian is seeking comfort from her parents in her hospital room while Ben and Leo are comforting each other outside the room. Leo takes it upon himself to tell everyone what has happened as Ben is quickly comforted by his in-laws before he rushes back to Adrian's side.

Leo tells Henry and Alice that something is wrong. Then, he tells Grace, Grant, Madison, Lauren, Jack and Tom that Adrian's baby has died. Ben had told Leo that in about 30% of the cases of stillborn babies, the doctors don't know what happened. Everyone leaves (except Henry and Alice) just as Amy and Ricky arrive. Amy goes up to Leo while Ricky pulls away from her, presumably to ask Jack what's happening.

Amy asks Leo if everything's okay with the baby. Leo shakes his head and Amy begins to cry while seeking comfort from Ricky. Ben begs Amy to go see Adrian, because Adrian has asked for her. At first, Amy begins to cry harder and says that she can't do it, but Ben begs a second time for her to go.

Amy finally goes into Adrian's room and gets into the bed where they both cry together. Later, Amy and Ricky leave while Ben stays with Adrian. While Adrian sleeps, Ben is silently sobbing.

In the season four premiere, an emotional and depressed Adrian refuses to leave the house or allow visitors to come which leaves her friends and family uncertain how to help her grieve. Amy visits Adrian and tells her that she and Ricky have decided to move in together. Ben suffers from the repercussions of Adrian discovering Ricky and Amy's decision to move in together.

In "When Opportunity Knocks," Ben explores his feelings for Adrian. In "One Foot Out the Door," Adrian attempts to trick Ben into telling her how he really feels about her.

In the episode "Hole in the Wall," Adrian goes for a morning walk. When she returns, she has a talk with Ben that she has come to the conclusion that Mercy wasn't meant to be here and she has to accept that.

While Ben is at school, she calls Amy (who is with Grace) and asks them to help her clean out the nursery after school. Amy says that they will be there for Adrian if she needs her and suggests that they donate all of Mercy's unused things to the church nursery which Adrian agrees to.

Grace and her new boyfriend, Daniel help Adrian move everything. When Grace asks her why she decided to move everything now, Adrian says that this time next year, she'll have another baby (which implies that she is already pregnant or is still trying to get pregnant by Ben).

Later that day, Amy tells Ricky about it and Ricky tells Ben while they're at work. Ben rushes home to Adrian, who is standing in the empty nursery, pleased with herself. Ben starts yelling at her, telling her that she's selfish and had no right to do this because Mercy was his daughter, too.

Then, Ben demands to know where Mr. Bear is and Adrian tries to calm him down, saying that it's with Mercy's other things. Ben begins blubbering, saying that his mother gave him Mr. Bear. He then tells Adrian that he never wanted to marry her and that he felt it was wrong to cheat on Amy and wishes that none of this ever happened. After Ben stomps out to get his beloved bear, Adrian takes out her anger on Mercy's yellow wall by punching a hole in it. Surprisingly, Ben does not come back.

Adrian is last seen sitting in a corner of Mercy's nursery, rocking steadily, listening to her with the music turned up too loud. As the camera pulls back, we see that she's punched numerous holes in the wall as the episode ends.

Adrian returns back to school in "Don't Go in There!", meeting everybody again. She kisses Ben again, who is very surprised to see her. She tells Katelyn O'Malley that she is better, but she still has to lose a couple of pounds. She also lies about that Ben didn't want her to go to cosmetology school in New York (though he told her he thought it was a great idea). Adrian also lies about taking walks with Ben, though she did it by herself while listening to "Rolling in the Deep" by Adele.

When Adrian holds John, Amy can see in her eyes that she really want to have another baby. Amy calls Grace, who reveals that Adrian told her she wanted another baby. Amy gets very surprised. She tells Ricky and begs him to talk to Ben about it because she thinks Adrian is going to trick him into having sex with her.

In the episode "The Games We Play" and "And Circumstance," Adrian tries to go after Ricky, but fails to do so. She is allowed to attend the graduation ceremony, but will not graduate until she completes summer school.

Now that her divorce from Ben is final, Adrian begins dating a college man named Omar who plans to teach and marry her as soon as possible.

In the episode "Smokin' Like a Virgin," Adrian tells Dante that she has been going out with his brother which causes Dante to break up with her. She and Grace decide to live together over the summer, attend summer school and not have anything to do with boys.

Adrian later gets a letter in the mail which states that she is legally divorced from Ben. She completes summer school and shows signs of still being in love with Ricky. Then, she falls in love with Omar and denies his marriage proposal, waiting to be done with school.

She later agrees to marry Omar. He gets a job in New York and wants her to come, but when she hesitates to go, he breaks off their engagement; however, Omar returns to Adrian in the series finale and they plan to move to New York.



First relationship:

Second relationship:

Third relationship:

  • Reason: Omar doesn't want to be alone in New York unmarried

Fourth Relationship:

  • Start: 2013
  • Engagement: Unknown
  • Marriage: Unknown - present
    • Adrian and Omar are happily married, living in New York with two children (Revealed by Brenda Hampton).

Ricky Underwood[]


First relationship:

They have an on/off relationship. They're like "friends with benefits", although, she cares very deeply for him. She asked Ricky for a committed relationship, but Ricky cheated on her. Adrian is often jealous of girls Ricky hangs out with (Amy or Grace), it seems like they're a match made in hell. But, Ricky became more serious as the series progress when Amy gives birth to their son, John.

When this happens, Adrian tries to become serious about their relationship, but Ricky does not. In the end, he cheats on her with Zoe, which makes her break the huge front window of the butcher shop with her phone. She forgives him even though he doesn't really apologize.

Adrian asks him to do one thing and not have an encounter with Amy, if it has nothing to do with John. Ricky once again sees this as a challenge, and kisses Amy. He uses the excuse that it was not his fault and they were only practice kissing. He also does not tell Adrian, who finds out from her father, who found out from George, who found out from Ashley who was watching.

This kiss angers both Adrian, and Ben who also asked Ricky not to fool around with Amy for the sake of their very shaky friendship.

Ben finds out when he attempted to get back together with Amy on the night of the "Mother Daughter Dance." She tells him and he goes to his car. Adrian approaches and with this incident, they both decide to have sex.

Adrian takes Ben's virginity and she is impregnated with a condom she got from Amy earlier that night. Although she was on birth control, her body had not yet gotten used to the new prescription.

Ben Boykewich[]

First Relationship:

  • Start: The Rhythm of Life (2x19)
  • End: The Rhythm of Life (2x19)

Second Relationship:

Adrian and ben

Adrian and Ben share a moment

Adrian and Ben started to have an intimate relationship when they both wanted to get back at Amy and Ricky because of a kiss. Adrian primarily wanted this because of a promise Ricky made not to cheat on her after she had already forgiven him for cheating once, however it was already admitted by Adrian to Grace she intended to sleep with Ben even though he and Amy were no longer dating.

After getting back at them, Adrian finds out she is pregnant and tells Ben. They begin spending time together and developing a relationship. They eventually get married and move in together.

In the season three finale, "Or Not To Be," Adrian gave birth to their stillborn daughter, Mercy. Ben and Adrian got to hold her. The experience scarred her deeply, as she was truly excited and looking forward to being a mother. This event leaves both her and Ben distraught.

Amy Juergens[]

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Adrian and Amy

Adrian and Amy shared a little rivalry competing with who will get married first, who will live together first, and who is better at sex and who is a better mother.

They both give others tips on how to get closer to their man because of past relationships. They also have the power to make each other insecure.

Adrian tries to persuade her to stay with Ben and her father tries to make them become friends, but neither of these things quite work out in the way everyone wanted. As much as both try to become friends though, they're not the best of friends but are still pretty good friends.

In the Season 3 finale, Amy was there to comfort Adrian after her daughter, Mercy was stillborn after Ben begs for her to do it.

Grace Bowman[]

Adrian and grace

Adrian and Grace at the Mother/Daughter Dance

Adrian and Grace are best friends (somewhat like sisters) in the show talking to each other on the phone and every morning at school. She was also the cause of Grace and Jack break up, among other things including Jack's infidelity.

Grace also dated Ricky Underwood, but broke up with him also when she discovered he was sleeping with Adrian while they were together.  Adrian and Grace are really close friends who are always there for each other.

Also Adrian is always looking out for Grace, however Grace is not always a good friend which was exhibited when she left on a trip to Africa despite the fact Adrian was still devastated over the loss of her daughter. Grace kept in contact with her through phone, email, texting and video chats. 

When Grace learns of her father's infidelity and his son Jacob (that he fathered while in Africa), Adrian helps Grace accept his mistake and her new brother because the mistake was made by her father not her brotherhood.


  • Ashley said her majorette uniform was much shorter than the other majorettes' uniforms. (The Secret Diary of Ashley Juergens)
  • She has been married to Ben and was engaged to Omar.
  • She apart from Ricky has slept with the most people on the show including Ricky and Ben, the two most important people. 
  • Her best friend is Grace.
  • She found her father, in season 1 and in the beginning he did not want anything to do with her.
  • She was in a competition with Amy.
  • She is very smart, but chooses to hide it due to wanting to keep a reputation.
  • She lost her virginity to her best friend whom she loved.
  • She and Ben slept together when both had been hurt and angry after learning Ricky and Amy kissed.
  • She and Ben started dating to see if they could fall in love with each other.
  • She and Ben were married before their daughter was born.
  • She is a majorette in high school.
  • Has a fear of heights and bugs.


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