Alice Valko is a friend of Ben Boykewich. She had been in a relationship with Henry Miller since the third grade. Alice gave Henry the nickname "Hank." She is portrayed by Amy Rider.

History[edit | edit source]

Alice is shown to be very smart and knows a lot of factual information. In the series premiere, she pointed out Amy to Ben. She started dating Henry in third grade and lost her virginity to him, but at the time, she didn't believe that she loved him

In the fourth season, Henry breaks up with Alice after he wanted to date other women. The two of them try "shared custody" of Ben, which becomes awkward and doesn't work out. Alice was jealous when Henry attended Amy & Ben's wedding with Amy's sister Ashley.

In season 4, episode 13, Alice walks into a bedroom after a graduation party to find Henry in bed with Adrian. After Alice tells Ben, Ben tells Henry he's no longer welcome in his home.

In the episode Caught in a Trap, Henry comes over to Ben's house and announces that he will be joining the army. Alice proclaims her love for him and offers to let him sleep with her before he has to leave. They announce they are back together in the series finale.

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