Amy Rider (born May 8, 1985) is a Japanese-American actress and film director who plays Alice Valko in a recurring role on The Secret Life of the American Teenager. She has also featured in several films and television series including Katrina, Mega Shark vs. Kolossus, Broken Links, 24: Conspiracy and Veronica Mars.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Amy Rider was born in Tokyo, Japan and estimates that she and her family moved around the country around 11 different times. Looking for an easy A, she took a drama class but soon realised a future in acting after she was cast as the lead in a school play. After her debut in 2005 in Head Cases, Rider managed to pick up small roles in 24: Conspiracy, Without a Trace, After Midnight: Life Behind Bars, Veronica Mars, Kissing Cousins and Privileged.

However, it was not until her recurring role as Alice Valko, the childhood friend of both Ben Boykewich and Henry Miller, on The Secret Life of the American Teenager did she get her breakthrough, appearing in 81 episodes until the show's finale in 2013. She has since had small film roles in The Monogamy Experiment, Mega Shark vs Kolossus and Broken Links.

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