The Secret Life of the American Teenager

Annabell "Anne" Donna Scott, previously Anne Juergens, is the daughter of Robert and Mimsy; the mother of Amy Juergens, Ashley Juergens, and Robert Scott Johnson; the ex-wife of George Juergens; and the grandmother of John Juergens. When she was eighteen and in college, she got pregnant with Amy. As she said later on, George saved her and married her. She later on had Ashley with George as well. She is portrayed by Molly Ringwald.


Anne Juergens is first seen at the beginning of Falling in Love, making dinner when Amy gets home from band practice. Anne is shown to be a caring mother who does not want her children getting too involved too young as she did. She also becomes increasingly aware of her husband having her an affair. In episode six, Amy tells her mother that she is about three months pregnant. Anne is shocked, but she soon comes to accept that it is what it is and supports her daughter. She tells Amy that she can't tell her to get an abortion because she doesn't believe in it. After Amy almost goes through with an abortion, Anne and Amy have a talk. Anne believes that the best thing for Amy and the baby would be to put it up for adoption. However, Ricky and George don't want the baby to be adopted, so they both try to sabotage the adoption. Amy eventually gets a job at the local church and decides that she wants to keep the baby. She asks her mom if she can and Anne agrees, believing that Amy can do it. Anne takes her daughter to the hospital when she goes into labor and is there when her grandson is born.

In the Season 1 finale, it is revealed that Anne slept with her boyfriend, David Johnson. Anne discovers that she is pregnant in the next episode. She at first believes it is his baby and becomes engaged to him. However, when she realizes that she does not love him, she breaks it off. George then tells her that he never did get a vasectomy and that the baby is more than likely his. Anne admits that she knew it was his, but says that their relationship is beyond repair.

A couple episodes later, when Anne goes into labor right at home, George helps deliver the baby. She decides to name him Robert, after her father. Anne and George seem to be getting along better until he questions her on the baby's father, causing her to leave town. Anne has now returned (due to Ashley's convincing), but is only considering rekindling their relationship if he agrees to go to therapy with her.

Anne reveals in Love is Love that she is gay after a trip to Europe with Ashley. She went to get coffee with a saleswoman, who she ended up kissing. Nora Underwood is very pleased with this, and introduces her to some friends. Anne takes a particular interest in Nora's A.A. sponsor, and they end up spending the night together, but it is revealed that they only slept. The woman kisses Anne on the cheek, and Nora is not happy by this, while Anne claims she is "in love." She wants to marry her but she realizes amy and ashley are upset so she decides to keep he love secret

It is revealed in Hedy's Happy Holiday House that Anne and Nora's sponsor are now an official couple.

It is revealed in All My Sisters With Me that her girlfriend, Willadean, is in love with Nora and she ultimately breaks up with Anne.

Fun Facts

  • Did you know that Molly Ringwald (the actress who portrays Anne Scott, formley Anne Juergens) sings the theme song for the show?
  • Molly Ringwald also refrenced John Hughes' 1984 film, sixteen candles when Anne tells Amy about how her family forgot her 16th birthday.