The Secret Life of the American Teenager

"Another Proposal" is a The Secret Life of the American Teenager episode from season three.


 Amy is upset that Adrian and Ben are getting married and laments to her mother and sister. Meanwhile, George is feeling lonely without Anne in the house so he stops by to visit Ricky and meet Nora, Ricky‘s mother. George clearly thinks she‘s good-looking and mentions that they might be parents-in-law some day. Ricky does NOT like where this is heading.

 Later, Ricky tries to convince Ben not to marry Adrian so he‘s not pressured to marry Amy. As Adrian gets more and more excited about the wedding, Ben is more and more nervous. Adrian is preparing huge wedding plans and Ben proposes instead of a big wedding, they use that money to buy a condo of their own. Adrian is ecstatic and throws herself into finding the nicest place possible.

 Meanwhile, Amy wants to move forward with Ricky and so she proposes to him. And on another marriage front, Lauren finds out that her mom and step-dad are splitting up.