"Back to School Special" is the tenth episode of Season 1 of The Secret Life of the American Teenager. It aired on September 2, 2008.


Amy's just about to go off to the Alternative Extension School for Independent Women when George makes the executive decision to send her back to Grant High. And she's not the only one going back. Grace wants to go back to Jack, until she sees him holding hands with Alice in the hallway.

Adrian, meanwhile, is back at her condo with Ricky in her arms, when her long-lost father, Ruben, shows up at the door. He's been talking to Adrian's mother, and they've decided that Adrian should go live with him and his family. Question is: Will she let him take her away?

When Amy shows up back at school, she gets everybody talking, including her two chatty best friends. Lauren's still gaga over Ricky — until her father, Dr. Ken Fields (aka Ricky's therapist), finds out. While he's hurrying to school to put a stop to Ricky's womanizing ways, Ben gets into a fistfight over some not-so-nice-things that were said about Amy. Luckily, Grace comes to the rescue, followed by Kathleen and George, who rush to school.

Inside the principal's office, Kathleen and George dish some dirt on their rocky past, just as Cindy walks in, looking for Adrian. As if that weren't awkward enough, Grace overhears her mom admitting that she cheated on George. So she makes some changes in her life, starting with the promise ring. Not only does she decide to stop wearing it, but she also tells Jack she's not into him: She's into Ricky.

While Grace and Jack are saying their goodbyes, another couple's getting closer. Too bad Alice and Henry's first time having sex wasn't so hot. But what now?

And as for Amy? Well, she makes a brave decision and heads back to school. This time, she's got the support of all the students behind her.