"Baked Nevada" is the thirteenth episode of Season 1 of The Secret Life of the American Teenager. It aired on January 12, 2009.


There's some major turmoil going on in the aftermath of Ben and Amy's wedding. Leo and George charge over to the reception to break up the party and bring home the newlyweds. Adrian's dad, Ruben, is waiting for her at Cindy's house, pissed that she skipped their dinner and almost as steamed that someone's been supplying the kids with fake IDs.

Over at the Bowman place, Marshall's back ... and he's not pleased either. Hormone-crazed Tom is carrying on about being a "grown-up" —till he gets sent to his room. But Grace doesn't seem too fazed that her parents are so mad about the fake IDs ... because, she tells them, she's in love with Ricky—and he's in love with her! Uh-oh.

Meanwhile, George promises his kids he won't tell Anne about the wedding, which, as it turns out, isn't legit anyway, since it was based on false documents. So much for happily ever after. Same goes for Grace and Ricky, 'cause even if they're officially BF/GF now, he's still sleeping with Adrian, who says she'd rather be the one he cheats with than the one he cheats on. Grace? Still blissfully ignorant.

And counselor Marc Molina is back from his mysterious disappearance, during which, he tells Ben, he got married to his super-jealous girlfriend. Looks like he could use some counseling himself. Jack's going the opposite route: He's trying to make his life drama-free by swearing off girls for a while and doing something good for someone. But, uh, his idea of doing good means taking the fall for class geek Joe, who made all those fake IDs. Luckily, Ruben lets him off easy with some mandatory community service.

Anne finally hears about Amy and Ben's wedding from Marshall, of all people, during a chance meeting at the family attorney's office. (She's there because, even though she and George had hot sex in the garage, she still wants a divorce.) Livid, she confronts Amy at Ben's house, where Amy goes from defiant to teary to terrified when she feels the baby's first kick. Aww ... isn't that supposed to be a happy moment?

Though mother and daughter eventually make up, will Amy be prepared for everything that's to come?