"Be My, Be My Baby" is a The Secret Life of the American Teenager episode from season two.


Adrian's all bubbly with excitement now that she's moving into her new house, which means it's a good time for new beginnings. And, while she and Ricky may not be hooking up anymore, she's still trying to get him to see Dr. Fields with her, though therapy's about the last thing he wants to do with her. When Ricky asks George for advice, the conversation turns to whether Ricky can see himself having a future with either Adrian or Amy. Ricky tells George he's just not feeling the "heat" with Amy. He figures that, if there's heat to be had between him and Adrian, he'd better just suck it up and make a real commitment to her—with hope for the future and all.

Speaking of heat, maybe Ben hasn't been turning on enough of it with Amy. But, thanks to George's helpful advice, all that's about to change: Ben shows up with a cooler full of chicken wings for a romantic little backyard picnic with his Ames. George even told him to put the moves on Amy—just to make her feel wanted.

Uh, did Ben follow George's advice too well? Amy gets so excited by the attention, she suggests they get engaged again—this time for real. But when Ben asks his dad for permission, Leo says no way ... and he wonders what Ben's motivation is. Could it be that Ben finds himself torn between Amy and the mysterious girl in Italy? Betty tells him to figure out his true feelings for Amy by sleeping with her. Uh, thanks?

Speaking of Betty, they've found her husband—dead at the bottom of the East River. So it's finally time for Leo and Betty to get married! But, as for poor Ben, he calls Alice and Henry and tells them he's thinking of breaking up with Amy—because he just isn't sure he loves her ... or even wants to hook up with her.

And while that's going on, Grace and her mom are arguing over Jeff, Kathleen's younger new man, whom Kathleen brought to church that day. The situation gets even stickier when Jeff tells Tom he's thinking about marrying Kathleen—and they've pretty much just met! Good thing Grace doesn't know, because she really doesn't approve of her mom dating again so soon after Marshall's death. In fact, she's so upset that she's vowed not to have sex again till marriage ... much to Jack's dismay. So, to help the situation, Jack suggests they try oral sex. Think Grace will go for it?

Uh ... as we find out later, that's a big fat no. Grace tells Kathleen she and Jack broke up because she's "not ready for a serious relationship." But one girl's loss may be another girl's gain: Jack texts Madison as soon as he's single, leaving us to wonder what—or who—really broke up Grace and Jack. Looks like Jack was doing a lot more than "just talking" with Madison at their Dead Parents Club sessions.

Over at couples therapy with Dr. Fields, Adrian is talking all about her sex life with Ricky—until Dr. Fields asks her about her first time. She reveals some vital info, something she hasn't even told Ricky: that she lost her virginity to her best friend, Antonio, right before he moved away for cancer treatment. When Ricky hears this, he understands why she wants a commitment, and he offers, for the first time, to spend the night with her—the whole night.

And in turn, Adrian asks Ricky if he isn't afraid that someone he loves could just take off too: someone like John, if Amy chose to leave with him. She tells him maybe he should go to court and seek legal custody. But Ricky's not so thrilled about that idea, given his tricky past and all. Later, when he actually keeps his promise to spend the night with her, he utters those three beautiful words to her, face to face: "I love you." Finally!

Meanwhile, back at the Juergenses', Anne is about to go into labor—and she doesn't have time to get to the hospital. Instead, George, Amy, and Ashley help her deliver the baby, whom they name after Anne's father, Robert. But as George spends some time with Robie, actually looking at the baby, he formulates a slightly disturbing question: Just whose son is Robie? Because if he's George's, there isn't much of a family resemblance. The kid actually looks kinda like ... David?

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