"Ben There, Done That" is a The Secret Life of the American Teenager episode from season two.

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Ricky calls Amy because he's stressed about John's first birthday party, but Amy says it's no big deal—just their families, a cake, and food at the park. Ricky's glad the pressure's off, but what he doesn't know is that Amy's having a little pre-party, just for John and her.

The next morning, Anne wakes her up with bad news: Mimsy may have had a stroke. She and George are going to see her, and they may not be back in time for the party. Amy's bummed, just like Ricky is later when he finds out about that private mini-party.

Ashley's talking with George about the pill. George tries to discourage her from going on the pill but agrees to let Ashley have sex as well as use birth control when she turns 18. She isn't planning on having sex, but she wants to be on it just in case—and, as she tells George, even very experienced people make mistakes.

George catches on that Adrian might be pregnant. Grace hears the news from Adrian herself. Even worse, she figures out it'd be Ben's baby (if there is a baby), not Ricky's. Grace makes Adrian promise to take an early pregnancy test. Adrian tells Grace that she's on a new pill and that Ben's condom broke. Grace gets very upset at the thought of an abortion.

At school, Madison and Lauren are plotting their first times, even as Jesse's telling Jack he's not sure he wants to have sex with Lauren that weekend. It's too soon, he says. But while they're talking, Grace calls Jack over, because she can't keep quiet about Adrian any longer. Of course, Jack accidentally tells Madison later.

Meanwhile in Palm Springs, George tells Mimsy that they're going to get married in Vegas. George tries to pressure Anne into getting married again but she wants to leave things as they are. Mimsy brings out her wedding dress and reveals that she got married.

Amy agrees to spend the night over at Ricky's with John. Clearly angry that it's a sleepover birthday party, Ben retorts, saying that no one else was invited. Speechless, Ricky and Amy head for his apartment. Bunny tells Ben that what Ricky and Amy do is none of his business but he says it is his business. Ben angrily throws his apron on the floor and apologizes to Bunny.

The next day, newlyweds Mr. and Mrs. Leo Boykewich arrive in a carriage and share a dance. Amy and Ben look like they're about to talk but not before Adrian interrupts to talk to Ben. Grant gets jealous of the way Ashley is looking at Ricky and angrily shatters the glass he's holding. Ricky tells Ashley to keep things between her and Grant the way they are. Ben looks out the window from his room as Madison is singing on stage, while Adrian takes a pregnancy test.

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