Camille Boykewich is a minor character in The Secret Life of the American Teenager, introduced in Season 3. She is the former assistant of and third wife of Leo Boykewich, step-mother of Ben Boykewich, and adoptive mother of Chloe Boykewich.

History Edit

Camille has said several times that she doesn't like or approve of Adrian. Since Betty is out of town, Camille accompanies Leo to Ben and Adrian's wedding, in the episode It's Not Over Till It's Over. It is here that she meets George Juergens. George asks Camille out, and Camille accepts, but after she tells Leo about it, Leo demands that she break her date with George.

In the Season 3 finale, ... or Not To Be when Leo rushes to the hospital, he tells Camille to get Betty on a plane home, and that's all she can do to help him. She tells him that she will do everything he said, and that he will be able to fix the dire situation. Leo shakes his head, and says that even he won't be able to fix it. When he goes down in the elevator, Camille says, "I love you, Leo."

At the beginning of Season 4, Camille tells Leo that she's leaving his company, thus quitting her job. When Leo asks her why, Camille says that there are cameras where they're talking, and that she won't tell him why. It's funny because Bunny says that Leo isn't cheap with his camera systems, so he could easily look through the tapes and find out for himself.

All Camille says in regards to her quitting is that Betty's home and it's too late for her to tell him the real reason. When Leo talks to Ben about Camille quitting, Ben says that it's probably because Camille is in love with him. Leo confronts Camille, asking her to come back to work. He doesn't ask her outright if she's in love with him, but he implies it. She says that she already took another job, and that she really likes it. Before Leo leaves, she kisses him. Since she's gone, Leo tried replacing her with Bunny, but it didn't work out.

In the episode Hole in the Wall, Nora, Ricky's mom, replaces Camille as Leo's assistant.

At the end of Season 4, Betty leaves Leo and Leo contacts Camille. They begin to date, and in early Season 5, Camille informs Leo that she would like to have a child with him. Leo tells her that he will not have any more children.

In the Season 5 episode Girlfriends, Ben gives Leo an ultimatum. He says to Leo that, if he gets to control who he (Ben) dates, the he (Ben) should be able to control who his dad dates. Then, he says that Leo is too fat to have children, and that Camille is too thin. Then he implies that they probably couldn't even have children together. To this, Camille approaches Ben and hits him across the face. The blow sends Ben to the ground holding his jaw in pain, Camille clutching her hand in pain, and Leo holding his sides in pain. Then, Leo asks Camille if she wants to get married, and she says that she does want to get married. They were officially married in Regrets and their witnesses were Nora and Ben.

Trivia Edit

  • She and Leo Boykewich have known each other for over 25 years.
  • She says that the only reason why Leo hired her was that he liked her.
  • She's not introduced until the final episodes of Season 3, and she meets Ricky in the first episode we see her in.
  • She tells Ricky that Leo has a picture of Ricky and Ben working in the butcher shop, and one of Ricky and John on his desk.
  • She also tells Ricky that Leo thinks of him as a second son.
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