"Chocolate Cake" is the sixteenth episode of Season 1 of The Secret Life of the American Teenager. It aired on February 2, 2009.


It's a familiar scene at Adrian's condo: She and Ricky are in bed together, when her phone rings. It's Grace. Adrian lets slip that Ricky's dad is back in prison. Ricky wishes she hadn't said that, because he immediately gets a call from Grace, who wants to hang out again now that Bob's gone. But he shoots her down cold, 'cause he's got a date ... with Amy. They have to talk baby issues. When he hangs up, Adrian tells Ricky she's never sleeping with him again. Yeah, we'll see about that.

Back at school, Ben's not too pleased about Amy's "date" with Ricky, especially since he had to hear about it from Henry. So, he seeks advice from Mr. Molina, who's got enough problems of his own, between his new wife and all the drama at school. Ben pressures him into "mediating" for himself, Amy, and Ricky ... but when the latter two realize what Ben's up to, they storm out. Ricky stops long enough to tell Ben to be a man for once and just show up at Amy's house if he wants to be part of the discussion. And if Amy won't invite Ben, Ricky's inviting him.

Later, Ricky gets his own reality check when Adrian turns down his booty call. So, he phones Grace to set up a little post-baby-talk bonding session. Adrian, on the other hand, has her eye on someone else: her brother. Well, OK, not her real brother, but Ruben's stepson Max, who comes to visit because he suspects Ruben's about to go back to Cindy, Adrian's mom. Things get hot in a hurry between Adrian and Max ... until Ruben lets himself in and throws a fit. Max flees, and Ruben forbids Adrian from ever seeing the dude again. But Adrian and rules? Hah.

Meanwhile, Jack's set his sights on Shawna, sister of Duncan (the kid he's mentoring). When Duncan gets stuck at work late, Shawna and Jack get to know each other ... maybe a little too well. But then Shawna tells Jack she has a boyfriend. Hurt and upset, Jack rushes over to Grace's house and unloads his big secret on her: Ricky's been sleeping with Adrian.

At the Juergens household, as Amy gets ready to meet with Ricky, Ashley comes in to say she thinks Amy still has feelings for him. Amy gets fed up and actually tackles her and takes her down. Too bad Anne won't be there to chaperone, 'cause she's got a date with Reverend Stone to discuss potential adoptive couples.

But Ricky and Ben (and Ashley, but that's a different story) aren't so hot on the adoption idea, and the three-way meeting quickly turns into a full-on war. Ricky won't agree to an adoption, but he also won't drop out of school to take care of the kid himself. Nobody's agreeing to anything, so Amy leaves. Ben and Ricky get into it, and then Ricky reveals that it was Amy who first asked him out at band camp. Ben, naturally, gets upset and tells Amy he's going to "back off" for a while. Ouch! Does this mean it's over for the newlyweds?

Meanwhile, Reverend Stone tells Anne about Ashley's plot to get her and George back together, but Anne puts her foot down and says that it's over between her and George, period.

Which may be fine for George, because he's fallen for someone else -- well, two people: Donovan, who works for him, and Donovan's partner, Leon. The gay couple wow him with a fancy home-cooked dinner and lots of chocolate cake to soften him up for their proposal: They want to adopt Amy's baby.

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