"Cramped" is a The Secret Life of the American Teenager episode from season two.


George and Ashley are preparing to move back in with Amy and Anne, and—let's face it—it's gonna be a full house. Ashley's old room is the nursery now. To help make things a little easier, George has turned the garage into a brand spankin' new room for Ashley ... much to her delight.

Uh, but not Amy's. She thinks the big new room should be hers. She vents her anger by sending Ricky on a massive grocery run. As if getting dumped by Adrian weren't bad enough! So when Ashley asks him to take her furniture shopping, Ricky agrees. Of course, this bugs both George and Amy, even if Ricky insists he's just trying to be nice. After all, would he really put the moves on his son's aunt? Well, even if George doesn't exactly trust Ricky, he tells Ashley he does trust her not do something foolish.

Over at the Bowman place, Kathleen is acting mighty suspicious about where she's headed, but she tells Grace she's just going to help deliver food to the homeless. That means she's leaving an empty house to both Tom and Grace, who each have their own agendas. But, while Tom is sure he wants to take the next step with Tammy, Tammy's not feeling the same way. As for Grace and Jack ... they're trying their hardest to resist temptation when something else gets in the way: Grace's cramps.

So Jack makes a run to the drugstore, where he sees Kathleen in the contraceptives aisle with ... a younger man! Even though Jack doesn't spill the beans to Grace, Kathleen eventually tells her about Jeff, a new possible romance in her life. Grace is pretty upset. As it turns out, Jeff's brother died in the same plane crash that killed Marshall. Is Kathleen ready to date another man just six months after her husband's death?

Meanwhile, other folks are on the move. Betty's having a little yard sale to get rid of her (very exotic) stuff, so she can officially move into the Sausage Palace. Ben subtly convinces her to leave almost everything behind, much to Leo's relief.

And Adrian's putting her stuff into boxes in preparation for the big move with her family into George's old place. She's turning over a new leaf: Instead of continuing to have sex with Ricky, she's setting out to find her next real relationship, with a guy she might actually marry. Even though Ricky says he's not ever going to marry her (or anyone), he reveals to Ashley that he does indeed love Adrian ... or so he claims. But does he love her enough to fulfill her request to go to therapy sessions with her?

Finally, Ben's getting in a little phone time with someone who is most definitely not Amy. We're going out on a limb to say it just might be this mysterious girl of his from Italy, considering he says "Ciao" to her. But what's more is, it sounds like she's thinking about visiting him soon. He even tells her, "Summer is a much better time to come."

Wait, does that mean she's actually coming to town? What the heck is Ben thinking? So what will happen if this girl decides to take the leap and cross the sea? We smell drama ... .

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