"Cute" is a The Secret Life of the American Teenager episode from season four.

Synopsis Edit

Anne and George surprisingly enjoy each other's company at Anne's new condo.

Ashley and Toby try to find jobs in Florida to appease George.

Ricky admits to Amy that Karlee, the admissions counselor at the college, won't accept Ricky because he turned down her sexual advances. Amy knows she has to fix the situation even though Ricky insists she leave it alone.

Tom tries to set his boss, Milton, up with Rachel.

Grace tries to subtly warn Ben not to sleep with Adrian without telling Ben about Adrian's plan to get pregnant again.

Nora has dinner with Ben to discuss his drinking problem, but Nora ends up drinking herself when she runs into her ex-girlfriend Ollie.

Grace experiences Daniel's college world for the first time and worries she doesn't fit in.

With Amy's help, the guidance counselor Katelyn talks to the admissions office and discovers that Karlee has other complaints against her. Karlee is terminated and Ricky is accepted to the college even though Ricky doesn't want to go there anymore.

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