"Dancing With the Stars" is a The Secret Life of the American Teenager episode from season four.

Synopsis Edit

Jack is desperate to find a date to the senior dance because all football players are required to show up. He asks Grace to the senior dance but she refuses the offer. He even tries to ask Grace’s mother to the dance but she refuses but is flattered by the offer. He and Grace end up going to the dance and they end up bringing Daniel along with them too.

Ben agrees to go to the dance with Adrian.

Amy wants to go to the dance but Ricky doesn't.

Leo fires Nora after she gets drunk, Ricky tries to get involved against Nora's will.

Leo reveals to Ben that Ben's mother was an alcoholic and so were his grandparents—which is why he doesn't want Ben to drink, and he doesn't want Nora around his office anymore.

Milton tries to win over Rachel's kids.

Amy discovers Ruben staying at George's house because Ruben and Cindy are having problems. Ruben and Cindy make up.

Kathleen allows Grace to sleep at Daniel's college apartment.

Grace reveals to Amy that Adrian is trying to get pregnant again. Amy tries to get Ricky to warn Ben about Adrian. Instead Ricky warns Leo about Adrian trying to get Ben to get her pregnant again.

To Kathleen's delight Grace decides to not sleep with Daniel or sleep over at his apartment yet.

Amy convinces Ricky to go to the senior dance. They go to the dance and Lauren watches John and while she’s at the apartment watching John she finds that Amy sends Jesse over there to see her and tells her to go to the door because Jesse will be there.

Grace and Daniel both go to the senior dance with Jack.

Nora goes to an AA meeting.

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