Ken Fields is a minor character in The Secret Life of the American Teenager, introduced in Season 1. He is the father of Lauren and Jason Treacy, and ex-husband of Mrs. Treacy. He is portrayed by Ernie Hudson.


Ken Fields is the father of Lauren Treacy and Jason Treacy. He and his wife, Jason and Lauren's mother, divorced some years ago. He resents his ex-wife for marrying a surgeon, who he hates, and he sometimes feels that his children are closer to their step-father than him. He is a therapist, mainly seeing Ricky Underwood, but in the past he has also seen George and Anne, who wanted to see if their marriage would work out, and Leo, because Leo wasn't sure if he was really happy with Betty. He seems to be a good parent, but with a jealous side, because Lauren said to the guidance counselor when the subject of the Father-Daughter Dance came up, that it was during a weekend where she and her brother, Jason, were supposed to be with him, and "...he would be jealous if I spent any more time with her..." meaning her mother.

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