Dylan is the girl that Ben Boykewich spent the night with in And Circumstance}}. They seemed to really connect and she seemed like a really nice girl, and she seemed to be relatively innocent, but Ben was in for trouble.

History Edit

It is revealed in Smokin' Like a Virgin that she is friends with Raven, Daniel's ex-girlfriend, and that she is willing to do anything to get Ben to go out with her. It is also revealed that she has never had a boyfriend, and that she would really like to date Ben. It is showed that her parents (although they must love her very much) are very overprotective and even went so far as to follow her to the house belonging to Leo Boykewich, where she was with Ben, Raven, Mercedes, and Wendy.

She also has a drug problem, mainly pot, and gave some to Ben, although one of her friend's, Wendy told Ben that he didn't have to smoke it. It is unknown if Ben had any, but when Leo, and Dylan's parents came to look in Ben's bedroom, they smelled it, and they feared the worst.

In the promo for the episode premiering in April 2nd, Ben and Dylan apparently start dating, much to Leo's chagrin. Leo is quoted in the promo as saying, "'This is not the right girl for you. This girl is trouble. Trouble with a capital T.'"

Dylan has a brother Joe who dislikes and is jealous of Ben. He has his own popular best buddies Ade, Edmond, Myles, Tony, and Vincent They got Ben in trouble for forbidding.

According to the promos of They Gotta Eat, she will meet Ben at the butcher shop and they'll share a kiss. Also, it is rumored that she will join Ben's summer school class. However, these events didn't occur until The Beach is Back, and only the latter occurred.

She and Ben get into trouble after they sneak into Dylan's school after hours. For a while, it looked like they accidentally burned down the school, and what was meant to be a harmless tour escalated into a possible legal battle. In the end, the fire was caused by a gas leak, and Dylan and Ben mutually break up in Past History. In Girlfriends, Henry takes interested in her, he wins over her parents, and then he kisses her.

She appears in Half Over, where she talks to Ben that she is moving to an all girls school with her friends, and they end in good terms, with them kissing goodbye.

She makes her last appearance in It's a Miracle, where Leo set Ben and her up to meet at Geoff's. She never appears again after that.

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