"Falling in Love" is the first episode of Season 1 of The Secret Life of the American Teenager. It aired on July 1, 2008


The series debuts when Amy Juergens, a french horn player for the Grant High School marching band, returns home from band camp. When she arrives home, she is greeted by her mother, Anne Juergens. Amy proceeds to the bathroom, where she opens up a pregnancy test kit. After taking the test, Amy realizes she's pregnant.

The following morning at Grant High School, Amy walks through the hallway to her locker. Ben, Henry, and Alice, walk to their lockers. Henry motions for Ben to look down the hallway, where Jack and Grace are walking into the building. Ben and Henry stare at Grace, until Alice snaps them out of it. Jack and Grace exchange a few words, as Grace continues down the hall and Jack goes upstairs.

Madison and Lauren walk down the same stairs and walk up to Amy. They start telling her that there is a new guidance counselor at the school. Amy tells her friends that she had sex, which immediately shocks them.

Ricky talks to Adrian at her locker. They plan to go out on their third date that night. la la Grace walks up to them and asks them if they would like to go to the Youth Fellowship hall of her church after the game. Adrian declines and walks away. Grace continues to persuade Ricky to go and he uses the opportunity to flirt with her. Joe walks by and briefly talks to Ricky. Adrian walks by Marc Molina, the new counselor at Grant High School, and talks to him briefly before he enters his office.

Meanwhile, Ben is talking to Henry and Alice, and comments on how he hates Ricky, saying that he hits on every girl he meets. The three begin to talk about Grace Bowman. Ben refers to her as a goddess, and implies that he would like to sleep with her. Alice mentions that that would not happen, as Grace is a Christian, and she would not sleep with Ben or Henry, even if they became Christians. Alice begins to provide statistics in regards to teenage sex, saying that in is unlikely that Ben will have sex in the near future. Ben comments that he should start somewhere, asking Alice where to start. Alice looks around the hallway, and points toward Amy Juergens, suggesting that Amy may want to go out with him.

Amy talks with her friends about the night at band camp. Madison and Lauren continue to ask about that night, but Amy says that it was nothing, and it was not fun. Her friends then ask why Amy told them in the first place, and without Amy saying anything, Madison and Lauren realize that Amy is pregnant. The bell rings and Amy proceeds to class, still overwhelmed by her pregnancy, that she ignores Ben attempting to ask her out. Amy proceeds down the hallway, and walks near Grace, who was still attempting to convince Ricky to go to her church after the game. She then goes to ask Ben to go also. As Amy proceeds to class, Ricky stops her in the hallway and reminds her of their night at band camp. The scene zooms out from Amy, and fades.

Later that day, Amy and her friends are in the girl's bathroom, where they are making absolute sure that Amy is pregnant. Lauren suggests Amy see a doctor to confirm it, but Amy notes that she only has a pediatrician. They leave Amy alone and cross their fingers in hopes that her previous pregnancy test was wrong.

Meanwhile outside at lunch time, Jack proceeds to the table Grace is sitting at and sits down. He notices a ring on her finger and asks about it. Grace says her parents gave it to her after she promised them she wouldn't have sex until marriage. He is clearly stressed out, not going unnoticed by Grace, who tries to persuade him it's right to wait until marriage. After Grace leaves, Adrian comes over and flirts with Jack. Back in the bathroom, all three pregnancy tests Amy took come back positive, which basically confirms Amy is pregnant. Lauren convinces Amy to go to her doctor. The scene cuts to Amy at the doctor, waiting to get examined. After she walks back to the examination room, the scene cuts to her and her family having dinner. Her younger sister, Ashley, got in trouble for wearing inappropriate clothing to school and is getting lectured for it by her parents. Their father accuses her of trying to be sexy and says neither of his daughters are ready to have sex. Amy looks pale throughout dinner, which probably says her doctor confirmed her pregnancy. Amy's mother notices and asks her if she is feeling okay and Amy says she's just tired. After dinner, Amy and Ashley clear the table and Amy tells her parents she needs to talk to them in private. Right before she tells them about her pregnancy, Ben calls and asks her to the football dance, which she accepts. She doesn't tell her parents about her situation.

At the football dance, Grace and Ricky share a slow dance together while Tom goes outside to see if their parents are there. While Tom is outside, he sees that Jack and Adrian are making out and calls Grace and gets her attention about it immediately. The whole school except for Ben and Amy go outside and see Jack and Adrian.




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