George Juergens is the father of Amy and Ashley Juergens, the ex-husband of Anne Scott, and the current husband of Kathleen Juergens.


He owned a furniture store and was previously married to Kathleen, Grace's mother, before marrying Anne. He also had a brief affair with Adrian's mother, Cindy Enriquez, which led to Anne filing for divorce. George regrets his affair, realizes he is in love with Anne, and desires to reunite his family. When he is about to remarry his ex-wife Anne, she finds papers stating that he does not want to be remarried. She figures out he cheated again and they decide to split without causing too much harm to the family. After making a pass at Nora and discovering that she is a lesbian, he invites her to move into the house with him as a roommate. Much to everyone's surprise, Nora accepts. George comes short as a responsible father figure who does not have adequate control over his daughters and did not always take sound decisions when issues came up. In season 4, he realizes he is still in love with Kathleen and the two of them fall in love all over again from seasons 4 to 5. They get remarried in season 5.

Quotes Edit

  • George: When was the last time you had fun?
  • Amy: [looks down]
  • George: Do NOT say at band camp. ("Making Up Is Hard to Do")
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