"Good Girls & Boys" is a The Secret Life of the American Teenager episode from season two.


Leo tracks down Ricky in L.A. and tells him it's time to grow up if he ever wants to be a good father. He hands Ricky the keys to his old apartment, urging him to go back and confront the people (uh, Adrian, Amy, Ben ... ) he's angry with.

So Ricky's back at his old place, and Ben comes knocking at the door at 6:30 in the morning. He says he's there to apologize, but then he starts going off about how angry he is over the whole getting-the-girl-he-loves-pregnant thing. In fact, Ben's so angry, he hits Ricky. And ends up hurting his own hand. Nonetheless, he and Ricky sort of patch things up—even though Ricky tells him Amy will never take him back after what he's done.

Meanwhile. Tom and Grace are not happy about the giggly honeymoon their mom is having at home with Jeff, following their sudden marriage. But Jeff takes Grace aside for a little talk, during which he accidentally convinces her it's OK to have sex. Oops. Grace decides she's not going to wait until marriage after all. Though she would like it to be with the person she'll eventually marry.

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