"Half Over" is a The Secret Life of the American Teenager episode from season five.


Amy and Ricky discuss what they want to do for dinner. Ricky asks Amy what she wants, and Amy says whatever Ricky wants to make is fine with her. Ricky says that he'll make whatever she wants, and Amy suggests that they go out to eat. Ricky reminds her that they will have to get a sitter for John, and Amy suggests that they call her dad, so that they won't have to rush, and that their dinner together will be like a date.

Grace is informed that Jack is in the hospital, due to the beating by the pimp. Grace begins to worry and Kathleen tries to calm her down. Tom finds out and is angry. George offers to drive them all to the hospital. Ricky brings up Amy's acceptance into Hudson River, and about how next year they still won't be married and she'll leave him to go to college out of state. Amy says that the wedding plans are on the table, and that she won't back out. She also reminds him that it was his idea to walk out of the wedding chapel in the first place, and not her idea.

Ricky is upset with Amy because he hears from Ethan that Ben is waiting outside of school for Amy. Amy tells him that she is going to tell Ben to knock it off and not to call her at home because she is married to Ricky and over him (Ben). Ricky reminds her that they are not married, and Amy tells Ricky that she knows that, in Regrets when Ricky told her that he was studying at the library at his college, that he was lying.

She tells him that she knows that he was in the coffee shop and talking to Clementine, which he was. Amy says that what goes on in their lives is none of Clementine's business, and she also tells Ricky that she knows that he likes her. Ricky goes to the coffee shop and meets Clementine, Adrian, and Omar. They inform him that Jack is in the hospital and he calls Amy. He informs her of the situation and tells him that he will come get her.

Soon enough, everyone else finds out about Jack being in the hospital. Along with George, Kathleen, Grace, and Tom, Adrian, Omar, Henry, and Alice are there. Ricky confides in George about his anxiety, due to his and Amy's wedding. Kathleen informs Grace that Jack is in critical condition and doesn't know if he will make it. Grace begins to cry again.

Ben confronts Amy outside school and tells her that he knows that Amy and Ricky did not get married. Amy calls Ricky and informs him of Ben knowing. Everyone is at the hospital, waiting for news on Jack. Henry and Alice are comforting each other. George runs into Anne's ex boyfriend, David and they have a completely random conversation about absolutely nothing.

Meanwhile, Adrian wants to leave the hospital as she remembers about Mercy after seeing Ben there. Omar and Adrian are so inspired by Jack's near death experience that they decide to get married. Ben sees Adrian and Omar kissing and he remembers about Mercy as well.

Grace is filled with regret over the fact that her last conversation with Jack was snarky. Kathleen tells her that everything will be okay. Grace tells her that you don't know when it will be the last time you talk to someone.

Ricky is confused about Amy going to New York or not going. The two get into an argument and Amy tells Ricky she won't go to New York. Ricky doesn't believe her. He asks her if she will still go if Jack turns out to be okay or if he doesn't, will they realize that life is too short. Amy isn't able to give an answer as Jack's parents approach everyone and offers to pray. Everyone begins to cry as they wonder about his fate.


  • This is the third episode where Jack does not appear in, the first two being Slice of Life and 4-1-1.
  • It is unknown how Amy knew Ricky was talking to Clementine and lied about it, but it is possible Adrian told her.
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