"Hot Nuts" is the ninth episode of Season 2 of The Secret Life of the American Teenager . It aired on August 17, 2009.


Ashley's taken on the job of helping her mom score a date! Of course, she has ulterior motives: She doesn't want to share a room with Amy. But it looks like George and Ruben, Cindy, and Adrian are all set. The takeover happens in just 30 days. So Ruben advises Adrian to play nice with Amy and apologize for holding the baby without Amy's permission, even if Amy did call her a slut.

However, when Adrian approaches Amy in the school hallway, things don't go according to plan. When Amy calls Adrian a slut again, things escalate, and Adrian retaliates by implying the same about Amy's mother. The coach (who's subbing as counselor since Marc Molina's exit) steps in to break it up. Unaware of his new role, Amy starts attacking him too.

Elsewhere in the hallway, Jack tells Madison he needs some "alone time" with Grace. Turns out Jack and Madison had a few private "meetings"-slash-maybe-dates this summer while Grace was away, but now that his girl's back, Jack wants Madison out of the picture. And when Grace overhears the two of them discussing this, she smells something fishy: something like a cheater.

Back to Amy's drama. The coach suspends her for one day for calling Adrian a slut, but when Anne finds out, she doesn't even care. She's got a date with an "old friend" that night and needs Amy to help her shop. Ricky, on the other hand, is trying desperately to get Adrian to be nice and get Amy unsuspended—as IF Adrian would actually agree. Ben can't get Amy to make up with Adrian, and the guys agree this will cause problems for Ricky's baby time. Not that Ben seems to care anymore—looks like he's given up on getting physical with Amy. But the question is: Why?

Over at the Bowmans', Jack's just suffered a terrible groin injury—thanks to Tom. See, ever since Marshall passed, Tom's been trying to be the man of the house. But seeing Jack installing a cabinet that morning triggered his terrible temper. So he retaliated that afternoon by throwing a football directly at Jack's groin. The injury is serious, but Jack does get something out of it: amnesty. Grace says that, even if he did have a little indiscretion with Madison, she'll get over it. She loves him and still wants to marry him ... groin injury or no.

At the Juergenses, Amy gets an unexpected visitor when Adrian drops by to try to "apologize" again—on Ruben's urging. But instead, the two end up facing off yet AGAIN, with Amy asking Adrian why she's so insecure about Ricky, and Adrian claiming Amy ruined Ricky's life by having the kid. Not exactly neighborly.

Meanwhile, at a restaurant, Leo tells Ben he received a postcard from Italy—but he doesn't reveal what it says. He does tell Ben that if he hooked up in Italy, he should keep it a secret. Ben nods in agreement. Hmm. Fishy.

But you know what else is fishy? When Amy calls Ricky to tell him she doesn't want Adrian near John ever again, and Ricky brings up something new—the fact that Amy's jealousy might stem from her wanting Ricky all to herself. Ricky asks if she could see the two of them together if there were no Adrian and no Ben. Amy answers that, because she can trust Ben and not Ricky, she thinks it's better this way. Or is it?

So even if Ben can't seem to get Amy to stop hating Adrian, and neither Ruben nor Ricky can get Adrian to stop hating Amy, there's nothing stopping the two enemies from becoming neighbors ... since Anne's hot date, it turns out, was George. Awww. And the date went really well, to boot. As for Anne's baby, aka Amy and Ashley's new sibling? It's going to be a boy. Looks like the Juergenses will be one big happy family again ... plus one to come.

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