Kathleen Juergens (neé Kathleen Smith) is the mother of Grace Bowman, the adoptive mother of Tom Bowman, the wife of George Juergens, the ex-wife of Jeff Tsegay, the stepmother of Amy & Ashley Juergens, and the step-grandmother of John Juergens.

She was portrayed by Josie Bissett.


As a teenager, Kathleen's mother did not allow to her have any physical contact with any boys and waited until she married George Juergens to have sex with him. Together, Kathleen and Marshall had a daughter, Grace and adopted their son, Tom after Tom’s birth mother (who later died) came to Marshall for help.

Her marriage to Marshall seemed to be near-perfect, but while he was going to Africa on "healing missions," Marshall was having an affair with a woman who gave birth to a son who showed up at the end of season 4.

At the beginning of season 2, Marshall dies in a private plane crash. Six months after his death, Kathleen begins dating a younger man, gynecologist Dr. Jeff Tsegay and later marries him.

After a long trip to Africa, Jeff announces that he wants to return and wants Kathleen to join him, but Kathleen doesn’t feel that she can leave her children. They try to make their marriage work, but it is soon clear that they are unable to.

While in the process of divorcing Jeff, Kathleen suddenly becomes close to George again & they start dating. In season five, George and Kathleen get married.

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