"Knocked Up, Who's There?" is the tenth episode of Season 2 of The Secret Life of the American Teenager. It aired on August 24, 2009.


There's a pregnant girl in Ben's life—and no, it isn't Amy. Turns out, another 16-year-old at Grant High has an unplanned bun in the oven. Her name's Heather; she got kicked out of her parents' house; she needs a friend; and she's ... asked out Ben. As she points out, most pregnant teens don't have a Ben and a Ricky, let alone supportive friends. He's confused at first but then realizes she's just alone and scared. So he's talking to her, which makes Amy incredibly jealous ... so much so that she's now determined to go on a real date with him—no baby and no Ricky. And she's even roped Lauren into babysitting John.

Everyone else at school, meanwhile, has been roped into attending a meeting of the Teen Abstinence Group at the church, led by none other than Grace Bowman, who plans to speak about why she regrets having had sex with Jack. (He's sooo not into this, but Grace is dead-set on it.) Even Ashley has agreed to go—on a double date, that is, with a new boy who's into her (Mark), plus ... Ricky and Adrian? Yep. See, Ricky's somehow convinced Adrian that the best way to win over Amy is by being nice to her sister.

Back at the Juergens residence, a pregnant Anne has been put on bed rest, sending George into a frenzy of paternal concern. He even tells Amy she's not allowed to go out with Ben that night, because the four Juergenses have to pull together and be a family, for once. Amy refuses (she's a mom now!) and calls Lauren to come babysit right away and Ben to come pick her up immediately. Too bad Ashley comes in as Amy's getting ready to leave, and blows her cover. Looks like there's a fun night in store for a disgruntled Amy, along with Ashley, George, Anne, and Moose.

Wait, who's Moose? Oh, you know, just a rejected guide dog George got in place of the housekeeper Anne so desperately wanted. But is a dog who knows how to dial 9-1-1 really the same as a housekeeper who can cook and clean and do laundry? Anne doesn't seem to think so.

Meanwhile, over at the Teen Abstinence Group meeting, Grace is preparing for her big speech moment while her entire social set and other random people look on. Jack seems about as embarrassed as Mark, who ended up on a man-date with Ashley's overprotective gay friend Griffin after Ashley had to stay home. But when Grace gets onstage and begins her speech with a joke-y poem about how she enjoyed sex but has decided to refrain from it, people start to boo.

It's a long speech. And even though she and Jack may be the only people left when she finishes her exercise in embarrassment, it helps bring them closer together. That's when Grace admits that, despite all her abstinence talk, she's still kind of thinking about doing the deed.

Ben, on the other hand, is on a friend-date with pregnant Heather. Don't worry, it's not like that—she just needs a shoulder to lean on because everyone else in her life, including the father of her baby, has abandoned her. So Ben does something logical: He gets Amy to offer a supportive shoulder. And, surprisingly, Amy does. Not only that, but she also smooths things over with George and agrees to start listening to him like a daughter again. Guess it wasn't too bad a night at the Juergens place after all—even Ashley gets a little nightcap when Mark drops by after the TAG meeting to provide some lip service. And what do you know? Those two hit it off, while Griffin waits in the car.

As for Adrian and Ricky, the newly monogamous couple is back to having an open relationship. But this time, they plan to be open about being open. Adrian changed her attitude after Ricky told her he doesn't see him marrying her—or anyone, for that matter—ever. She, on the other hand, wants to be with someone who could potentially be her husband. But is seeing other people a good idea, now that Adrian's about to move in next door to Amy, allowing Ricky to follow her every move? Guess we'll have to wait and see ... . what happens next

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