The Secret Life of the American Teenager

Lauren Treacy is one of the best friends of Amy Juergens as well as Madison Cooperstein. She is the more "grounded" one of the trio. She encourages Amy to see a doctor when she discovers her pregnancy. Her parents don't allow her to see Amy after they discover Amy's fetus

Her father, Ken Fields, is Ricky's therapist. She seems to be closer to Madison, especially after Amy's pregnancy is discovered. She goes on vacation with Madison and isn't seen much during Amy's pregnancy. Lauren once kissed Ricky in a car, which Madison and her brother saw, but their relationship did not last. She is now dating a boy named Jesse. Her parents are also divorced and her mother is remarried. She says that her step-father is white, so she has no problem with interracial couples.

Soon after, her step-father leaves and Jesse breaks up with her. She is devastated for a while, and then starts dating Frank. Their relationship doesn't show that much throughout the show, but she soon breaks up with him at school. He agrees to and then, he is never shown throughout the show.

Also, in The Secret Diary of Ashley Juergens, it is revealed that Lauren takes blame dance studio that Ashley Juergens used to take ballet at.

When she finds out that Madison slept with her boyfriend Jesse after his graduation party, she breaks up with Jesse and is very angry with Madison for a period of time. She and Amy despise Madison for a while until their dads make them all have a father-daughter dinner to solve their problems.

Lauren goes to UC Berkeley for college.