"Let's Try That Again" is a The Secret Life of the American Teenager episode from season two.


Amy admits to Madison and Lauren that Jimmy hasn't called since their last date. When they made out for two hours. So what could be wrong? Madison says maybe Amy's a bad kisser. That, combined with the fact that Anne's finally come home but refuses to stay unless George agrees to family therapy, sends Amy into the band practice room to be alone. When Ricky walks in and asks what's wrong, she asks if she's a bad kisser. Well. He not only tells her she's not a bad kisser but also says the two of them (yeah—Ricky and Amy) could just ... "practice." You know, as friends. Uh. Will she do that?

Another idea some people aren't gung-ho about is the new Mother-Daughter Dance Dr. Bink has invented to replace the traditional Father-Daughter Dance. Madison doesn't like it because her mom passed away five years ago and her dad married a much younger woman. Grace doesn't like it because she's furious with Kathleen for considering remarriage so soon after Marshall's death.

Speaking of marriage, Cindy and Ruben are planning a small, intimate wedding, and they want Ricky's parents to be the witnesses. Of course, they'd have to meet Ricky's parents first. And though Ricky does ask his foster mom, Margaret, if she'd do it (she'd be happy to), he's still not comfortable with Adrian getting that close to him or his family. As a matter of fact, he tells Ben, he's not even sure if he wants anything more than sex from a relationship. Uh-oh.

Meanwhile, after that amazing first-date kiss, Ben hasn't spoken with Grace. When he finds out, from Ricky of all people, about Grace's issues with her mom's possible marriage, Ben gets a little insecure. But Ricky reassures him that he heard about Kathleen from Adrian (BTW, Grace is furious with her for having blabbed about this). Ricky points out that Ben hasn't called Grace either. And why would that be? Maybe Amy? He tells Ben to follow up.

Another, more serious relationship might just fall apart without some serious therapy intervention. Yeah, we're talking George and Anne. Amy thinks it's a good idea for her folks to get advice from Lauren's dad, Ken (who's a psychiatrist), but George isn't ready for real therapy. In fact, he refuses to talk to anyone but Anne about their marriage. Still, after Ashley and Amy tag-team him, he compromises and asks Ken to join him for a little friendly "dinner" instead. But that's not what Anne wants. She wants him to go to family therapy with her. She also wants her family—every member—to really show her they want her to stay.

Meanwhile, Jack's asking his dad for advice about how to break it off with Madison. He wants to go back to Grace, especially now that he thinks she "needs" him. But Madison isn't answering her phone. After four years of hating her super-young step-mom, Emily, she's finally opened up to her. She was trying to get some boy advice, but it's hard to say, because it's more like she's just talking at Emily about all her problems ... and her friends' problems ... and her friends' parents' problems ... .

And Emily's not the only one being talked at. That dinner with Ken and George turns into more of a reverse therapy session, with Ken venting about his family life and his ex-wife's new husband.

Ricky, on the other hand, is about to leave Adrian's house and go over to Amy's. Alarmed, Adrian points out that it's late and John's asleep, but he leaves anyway. Guess Amy did take him up on that offer to practice a little harmless kissing. Just as they're about to start, and her eyes are closed, Ashley walks past and sees them together. Ricky sees Ashley, but he doesn't care. He goes for it.

At least some issues are getting worked out: Grace tells Jack she sees him only as a friend, and she likes Ben. Jack's just leaving when Ben comes over, but Kathleen sends them both home. Before they leave, Jack fills Ben in. Upstairs, Kathleen and Grace make up, and Grace reveals that she hasn't talked to Ben since the date because she wants to hide how messed-up her family is. Kathleen convinces her that their family isn't all that screwed-up.

Over at the Juergenses', Anne and Ashley have a serious heart-to-heart, and it looks like Anne's maybe staying. Just maybe. But it's a start.

Looks like Dr. Bink's Mother-Daughter Dance will have a full turnout, after all.

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