"Love is Love" is a The Secret Life of the American Teenager episode from season four.


Ben must decide if he wants to transfer to Dylan's school after touring it. Anne hooks up with a woman and shares the news with her family, making George happy that he was right. Grace undergoes the aftermath of her bi-curious experience with Adrian, and Adrian is enjoying the center of attention at school. Amy decides that Ricky and her should run away and get married. Leo shares his feelings about Dylan with Ben, making Ben upset that his father doesn't like his girlfriend. Ashley continues to be mean to Amy, thinking that she is gay. The aftermath of George telling Kathleen about his Anne theory and how that rumor was spread throughout the school continues. Something seems to have happened with Alice. Jack, Jacob, and Tom all try to comfort Grace. Grace tries to think of ways to see if she is a lesbian or if she just was curious. Ben cashes $1,200 on his father's credit card, having it be Dylan's idea. Omar and Adrian go through some serious relationship difficulties after the aftermath of what happened between Adrian and Grace pulls into play. Nobody seems to be happy except for Anne who enjoys hooking up with a ton of women.


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