"Loved and Lost" is a The Secret Life of the American Teenager episode from season two.


Looks like Adrian was more than just a little upset after she found out about Ricky hooking up with another girl—she threw a rock through the butcher shop window. Never mind that she actually meant to hit Ricky's apartment window, because now someone—either Ricky or Adrian—has to pay for it (and it's a lot of money). Bunny won't call the cops if Ricky comes up with the cash, ASAP.

When Ricky confronts Adrian about it in the school hallway, they get into another one of those classic fights about when they'll finally stop cheating on each other—or why they do it in the first place. (He slept with Zoe, who only came after him because Adrian slept with Zoe's guy during another, earlier fight. Sigh.)

While those two are going around trying to figure out their own love life—and where they'll get all that cash—Amy and Ben are having their own drama. See, Madison and Lauren told Amy about Ben's big Italian love affair with Maria, and now she's gone and confronted Ben in the hallway to provoke a very public breakup. And even though Ben isn't comfortable saying "I'm breaking up with you" in front of everyone, Amy pretty much forces him to. Ouch.

And just when we thought we'd seen enough couples breaking up (or breaking windows), Jack tells Grace he's dating Madison. Pretty much because she'll have sex with him and Grace won't. But Grace doesn't really seem to care. After all, she's discovered the pleasures of the self. Her own self. She wishes them both well and walks away.

But what about Ricky and Adrian's campaign to finance a new shop window? Well, luckily for Ricky, Ben hands him all the cash he needs, saying he's doing it as a friend. And then he tells him he's not sure if he loves either Amy OR Maria, but he does know one thing: He loves John.

Adrian, meanwhile, is trying to get the money on her own. Grace shot her down at school, so Adrian goes over to her house to try again. But when she runs into Tom instead, she gets the genius idea of asking HIM for the money—and guess what? He has it, and he gives it to her. He tells her he loves her, and she says that's sweet and she loves him too. Tom takes this very literally. Uh-oh.

When Adrian shows up at Ricky's with all the money, he tells her he already has it. Then they apologize to each other for cheating yet again. But Adrian warns him that if he ever cheats again, she doesn't know if she'll be able to take it. As for the money: Adrian promises she'll return it, but what she doesn't know is that Tom's gone and broken up with Tammy because he thinks he and Adrian are in love now. Yup. That's what Grace discovers when she walks in on Tammy's parents having a concerned talk with Kathleen.

Grace tries to fix it by going over to see Adrian at her house. But when Ruben walks in on their conversation, he finds out all about Adrian's act of rage-slash-love. He tells her the only way she'll ever really get Ricky is by being nice to Amy. So, reluctantly, Adrian takes that first step by baking brownies as reconciliation. But will it work?

Meanwhile, Amy's gone over to Ben's house for some final closure on their relationship, only to find him kissing Maria on the front lawn. But instead of getting mad, Amy simply apologizes for the ugly way they broke up at school that day, and then gets in her car and drives away. After she leaves, Ben tells Maria it was hard to be in a relationship with a girl who has a son with another guy. He also says it'll be hard to see her once she goes back to Italy (which is tomorrow). What's a poor guy to do? Well, Maria wants him to move to Italy!

And a two-hour drive away at Mimsy's assisted-living condo, George is trying to woo Anne back. Unfortunately, it doesn't quite work. So a dejected George returns home alone. Well, he takes Moose the dog.

At least someone's getting some: When Madison goes over to Jack's to break up with him (since he's just in it for the sex), they end up—surprise, surprise—hooking up again. But Madison's not sure she wants to be dating someone who's only in it for the sex. Even so, it looks like she's psyched to have the upper hand in a relationship.

And finally, back at the Juergens household, when Ricky offers to help Amy wash dishes, she finally admits that she does think of the two of them and John as a family. They're inches apart. The tension is thick. She looks so vulnerable. And then they share an intimate little moment as he brushes her hair away from her face.

Now what?

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