Madison Mildred Cooperstein is a recurring character on The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

She is Catholic, on the yearbook staff, and seems to be an only child. She is best friends with both Lauren Treacy and Amy Juergens, but is closer to Lauren. She and Lauren feel that Amy began ignoring them after she became pregnant and got together with Ben. It is revealed that she eventually married Jack Pappas. She is portrayed by Renee Olstead.

History Edit

She is introduced in Falling in Love as the best friend of Amy Juergens and Lauren Treacy. She runs up to Amy and, along with Lauren, tells Amy about the 'delicious, single new counselor' Marc Molina. She and Lauren are the first to know about her not having sex with Ricky and pregnancy. Madison began dating Lauren's brother, Jason in season one, but they broke up during the summer of 2009 because Jason thought she was "too casual about her future". It turns out that Jason was jealous about Madison hanging out with Jack over the summer, and Jason have a fling for Grace.`

Madison is currently not having sex with Jack Pappas, but is unsure if she wants to continue. Madison doesn't like being alone and she prefers to have classes with all of her friends.

It is also revealed that Madison's mother passed away years ago and she lives with her father and his new wife, Emily, who she previously referred to as "Wicked Stepmother."

She worked at the food court at the mall over the past summer and there she met Stanley and broke up with Jack again. She tells her dad that she and Stanley couldn't date before because he was her boss. She says that he's 20, and still in high school, and had been married before. When Morgan and Emily (her parents) meet him, they hate him, and after her dad tells him to leave, he tells Madison that he (Stanley) must be at least 30. Madison claims that she likes him anyway, and that Stanley thinks she's pretty, smells nice, is not interested in having sex with her, and that she has a nice body. Her father is very angry with her and tells her that she can't see him.

She gets back with Jack shortly afterward, but pretty soon, they broke up because Jack was still in love with Grace Bowman. She then remains single and independent but then in the last episode of season 4 she is shown to be drinking at a party hosted by Lauren's boyfriend Jesse but the next day when Lauren gos to check on Jesse and she finds Madison in bed with Jesse. Even though Lauren was angry with Madison, she forgave her and they returned to being friends. In season 5, she has a new blonde hair. Towards the end of season 5, it is revealed that Madison and Lauren Tracey both get into Berkeley. Madison got into Berkeley due to her singing talents.


  • Madison's hair was red from Seasons 1-4, then it changes to blonde starting Season 5.
  • Madison is the only character to change her hair.
  • Madison is also one of two female main or recurring characters (teen) who Ricky did not kiss. The other is Alice Valko
  • Madison is Catholic, which she revealed in the first episode Falling in Love when talking to Amy and Lauren about what Amy is going to do about her pregnancy. She says because of her Catholic faith, she can't encourage Amy to get an abortion.
  • Madison's mother passed away before the beginning of the series, as did Ben's.
    • Because of her mother's passing, she was one of the members of the Dead Parents Club founded by Jack to comfort Grace through the loss of her father.
  • Madison is one of the two best friends of Amy Juergens.
  • After she and Jack broke up, and at the suggestion from her father to see other people, she tries to go out with her roughly 30-year-old boss Stanley, not realizing Stanley is lying about his age.
  • Madison's middle name is revealed to be Mildred when her father calls for her.
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