"Making Up Is Hard to Do" is the eighteenth episode of Season 1 of The Secret Life of the American Teenager. It aired on February 16, 2009.


Ricky's back in Dr. Fields's office, if only to tell him that he's got a new love interest on his mind: Amy. Ricky also says he's made progress, he's learned to love himself, and he's ... going to sabotage the adoption process? Yeah, not the kind of progress Dr. Fields is looking for.

While Ricky's gloating over Amy, she's moaning about Ben. To George, of all people, who's taking a break from baiting Anne to be a supportive super dad. With Anne all dressed up for a mysterious job interview and Amy trying to skip school because of her relationship woes, nobody seems to notice that Ashley's disappeared. George and Amy find her at the bus stop, however, with a cute boy named Thomas. He says he goes to Ashley's school, and he's obviously into her. But Ashley's got a more important meeting: with Ben. He finally shows up, late, and she tries to convince him to go back to Amy, because otherwise Amy might fall prey to Ricky's advances.

Grace, meanwhile, gets a pack of birth control pills from her mom, who found the condoms Adrian gave her and came to the wrong conclusion. Grace gets so excited by the pills, she kind of accidentally broadcasts to the whole school that she has them. Suddenly, every guy in school is calling. But just because she's got the pill doesn't mean she's trying to have sex. As a matter of fact, Grace tells Kathleen she's pretty sure she can wait 'til marriage to do the deed. She just likes having the pills because they make the consequences of sex seem real for her.

And Adrian isn't having sex either ... for once. She has some emotional words in the school hallway with Ricky, but later finds that her stepbrother, Max (aka Ruben's step-son), is actually courting her, old-fashioned style, with dinner, a movie, and flowers. She thinks he must be gay, but he lays down the law and tells her just how he wants their dates to go -- he doesn't want to have sex with her. Not just yet. He wants to be romantic first. Whoa, talk about a change from slick Ricky. Which explains why, when Ricky does call her up later that night, she (drum roll please) ignores the call! When he calls Grace, she blows him off too. Ouch.

And, though Ricky isn't getting any love right now, someone else may be: Jack. But when he shows up at Shawna's house and finds her not there, little brother Duncan tells Jack he knows what's going on, and that he'd better not hurt her ... or else. Who's mentoring who here?

So, what's Anne up to? Before the pre-adoption meeting with Donovan and Leon, she goes to Dr. Fields's office (not a job interview after all!) because she suspects Ricky may be trying to sabotage the process. Dr. Fields won't exactly reveal anything, though he does give her a good hint about Ricky's intentions. Then, at the meeting, Ricky lays it on pretty thick about his messed-up family history. Once Donovan and Leon hear his story, they realize they want their foster kids back instead. Guess Amy's perfect plan didn't turn out so perfect after all.

Except there may be a silver lining in all of this. When Ben shows up at Amy's door looking to talk, she's in no mood. But after a tearful argument, she finally admits that she still loves him. She even says she'll consider keeping the baby. There's nothing like a good makeup moment to ease the pain of an adoption gone wrong.