Maria Mancini is a supporting character in The Secret Life of the American Teenager, introduced in Season 2. She is the daughter of Rocco Mancini. She is portrayed by Jordan Monaghan.

History Edit

Maria Mancini is a girl Ben met in Italy. She visits Ben once, when her father, a wealthy business man, is on a business trip. It is later revealed that she wanted to have sex with Ben but they really never had sex. Ben, however, does tell Leo that they "fooled around." Later, in The Splits, when Dylan (Ben's then-girlfriend) asks Ben if Adrian is the only girl that he ever had sex with, Ben replies, "I spent a summer in Bologna..." This implies that Ben either he and Maria may have had oral sex (which was repeatedly said to be what Bologna was famous for), which seems the more likely option. Or Ben let her give him a hand job, or he got to play with her breast.

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