Max was Ruben Enriquez's step-son. Ruben married Max's mother when Max and his brother were very young and Ruben helped to raise them, as if they were his own sons. Max's father was a military man, who was always away and when he was, he would cheat on Max's mother until she finally left him. When Adrian Lee came back into Ruben's life and Ruben began to spend a lot of time at her and Cindy Lee's apartment, Max's mother began top fear that Ruben was cheating on her, so she sent Max over to see what he was doing. Instead, Max met Adrian and they immediately formed a connection and made out the first time they met. Ruben caught them after they'd fallen asleep on the couch and forbid them to see each other. However, Max and Adrian continued seeing each other even after Max was grounded and threatened by his biological father to be shipped off to military school if he saw Adrian again. He came over to her house the day she was supposed to hold a baby shower for Amy Juergens and they had sex, only to be caught afterwards by Ruben. Max then told Adrian he loved her, causing her to realize that she didn't love him back, and that ended their relationship.