"Mistakes Were Made" is a The Secret Life of the American Teenager episode twenty from season two.


When we see Ricky and Adrian again, they're in the hallway after school, and neither one's happy. When Ricky confronts her about why she hasn't returned his "I love you" text or called him all weekend, she tells him she had sex with Ben in his car, to get back at Ricky for having sex with Amy. But Ricky tells her that he didn't have sex with Amy: They just kissed. And it was harmless! It was practice! She walks away anyway.

But wait—Ben had sex with Adrian?!? Ricky's so crushed he can't even drag himself into work. Just as well, since Ben's visibly sad (and scared) that afternoon at the butcher shop. He's terrified that he and Ricky won't be friends anymore. And that Ricky will "pummel" him.

Soon, Amy hears about Adrian and Ben from—who else?—Madison and Lauren. And no matter what she says about how she's over Ben, Amy's devastated by the news.

Over in Ashley's room, she and Griffin's hot cousin, Grant, are getting to know each other slightly better. He even asks if he can sleep over but he didn't. She says yes, her parents wouldn't even notice, but there would have to be no physical contact. But then he goes for some physical contact anyway: He kisses her. And guess what? She's floored. So's Grant—who later announces to George that he loves her (!?). This happens after George learns that no, Grant's not gay like Griffin and therefore must be watched. But Grant wins George's approval. Could this be the start of a beautiful new relationship?

If only everyone was so happy. Adrian turns to Grace for support about her big mistake with Ben, but Grace is far from sympathetic. This big mistake, she says, screws things up for her too. And for Amy, and for Ricky. Adrian storms out, trashing the friendship as she goes. But somehow Tom eventually helps restore things.

When Alice and Henry hear about the Adrian incident from Ben, they're astonished. And convinced he's dead meat once Ricky finds him. So they send Jack over to protect him—except that Ben actually wants to get pummeled for his sin. As for Leo, he finds out about the big mistake from Bunny (who heard it from a miserable Ricky). The Sausage King is very displeased with his son's betrayal of a friend.

Meanwhile, Amy drives all the way to Jimmy's house in Palm Springs to ask why he didn't call her after their third date. He tells her it's because he found the condom in her purse. They quickly start arguing about what a condom in your purse could mean when you say you have no interest in sex. But somehow, that argument leads to kissing. And the kissing leads Amy to realize that she likes him. And he likes her. And that could be a good thing.

However, things are not so good for Madison and Lauren, who can't seem to get Jack and Jesse to call them back. See, while babysitting for Amy, the girls took some fun photos of themselves holding John. Then they sent the pix to their boyfriends. But then they freaked out that boys don't want to think about babies, so they lied to Jack and Jesse, saying they don't intend to have kids, ever. Little did they know that their boyfriends were secretly disappointed by this. And now Jack and Jesse aren't calling them back.

There's slightly better news for George and Anne, however. After George storms out of their counseling session, Dr. Fields convinces Anne that George's cheating past was just a series of mistakes. And guess what? Mistakes happen. And, he says, they make us better. They help make us the people we become. Later, at home, when George tells Anne honestly that he wants to be with her again, she doesn't say no. Which is also a good thing.

Ben, on the other hand, finally tells Leo that, while he tried to run away from his complicated relationship with Amy, he still loves her. Not Maria, and not Grace. He wants Amy back. But will he ever GET her back? Oh, BTW, Ben's like a mistake machine lately: He called Betty a hooker while she was trying to talk to him about what he'd done.

And Ricky? He's vanished, taking all the stuff in his apartment with him. Adrian's worried sick and can't get a hold of him—and no one else can, either. Just where the heck IS he?

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