"Money For Nothing, Chicks For Free" is the nineteenth episode of Season 1 of The Secret Life of the American Teenager. It aired on February 23, 2009.


It's a regular scene at the Juergens household: Anne's got her power suit on, George is in denial about the divorce, Amy's in denial about getting a job, and nobody knows where Ashley is. Big surprise. As it turns out, Ashley's hanging again with her new boy, Thomas, who admits he doesn't actually go to her school. He's home-schooled. And he's coming over to the Juergenses for dinner that night.

While Anne's busy scoring jobs for herself and Amy at the Hot Dog Hut, Jack has a new gig too: He's selling $5 candy bars for Duncan, who's selling them for "Disadvantaged Youth." How noble. But you know what's even more noble? Grace helping Adrian become a born-again virgin, first by lending her a prim-and-proper pink sweater, and then by taking her to see Reverend Stone. The Rev tells Adrian she needs to really show her commitment to it by asking forgiveness from God. But would Adrian really go to all that trouble just to seduce her step-brother, Max?

In a less charitable act, Ben finally stands up to Ricky by hitting him where it hurts: the wallet. Yeah, when Ricky confronts him about being back together with Amy, Ben tells him that if he wants Amy, it's going to cost him. He's talking paying bills, paying child support, doing all those costly things dads do. Knowing that he's fighting a losing battle, Ricky does something so unlike him: He concedes to Ben. Wow. We're not used to seeing Ricky lose.

Back at the Juergens house, Thomas has dinner with Ashley and, though he reveals he's only 13, they act just like a grown-up couple over a nice, home-cooked meal. George and Ben, meanwhile, run out to visit Amy and Anne at their first day on the job.

And in a slightly different neighborhood, Jack's about to bring Duncan all that hard-earned candy money, when he gets robbed! After running all over looking for the thug who ripped him off, Jack learns he's been played ... by Duncan himself. Two neighborhood kids go from tough guys to teddy bears in seconds flat, and then they tell Jack that Duncan, his innocent mentoree, is just trying to scare him away from big sis Shawna.

Speaking of siblings and teddy bears, Ricky shows up at Adrian's as she's prepping for another big date with Max. (Uh, can you really reclaim your virginity with a sweater and pearls?) Just as cynical Ricky's trying to talk Adrian into another roll in the hay, Max rings the doorbell. He's brought her a teddy bear—aww. Once again, Ricky sees he's not going to win, so he slinks off. Max not only tells Adrian he actually likes her, he says he wants to discuss sex as a part of their relationship, and not sex as THE relationship. Awww. Adrian just folds herself into his embrace and soaks up the realness.

Finally, at the end of a long day of work at the hot dog stand, Anne gets a little reward for being such a trooper: An architect named David gives her a possible job lead ... and his phone number. Yes! Someone's flirting with Anne!

But things aren't looking so rosy for Amy and Ben. When Ben offers to support Amy financially so she doesn't have to serve hot dogs forever, Leo stops eavesdropping and drops a major reality bomb on his son by telling him he has to get a job. Yikes.

As for George? Well, we never thought we'd see the day that wisecracking George Juergens actually got choked up at seeing Anne happy about someone else. But yeah, that day just came. George can't stand how happy Anne looks, polishing the counter and beaming about the flirty architect. What's next for the nearly divorced Juergenses?