The Secret Life of the American Teenager

"New York, New York" is a The Secret Life of the American Teenager episode from season three.


Ricky and Ashley start arguing early in the morning after Ashley tries desperately to get closer to Ricky, insisting that they have real feelings for each other, and not just a 'sexual attraction', but Ricky is far from convinced, bluntly telling her than they can never be together. After Anne and George eavesdrop on their conversation, they decide that it would be best if Ricky went back to his apartment for a few days, with them also volunteering to take care of John during his brief absence. With Ricky gone, both Anne and George try to broach Ashley about her apparent feelings for the father of her nephew but is ultimately Anne who really hits it home when she advises her youngest daughter that she must think with her head as well as with her heart. Upon realising this, Ashley decides to accept defeat and abandon her pursuit of Ricky.

While Ricky is back at his apartment, his birth mother Nora appears with the intention of bonding with him before she goes back to prison after she violated her parole for having a firearm in her purse. Ricky is far from sympathetic, telling her and others than guns are extremely dangerous and that at the end of the day she broke the law and so has to face the consequences. After school however, both Ben and Ricky come home to find her selling up a storm at the butcher’s shop with Bunny even admitting that if it weren't for Nora's circumstances, she would have liked her working there. As Ricky and Nora pull up into the police station, Nora gives her son her necklace as a gift but before she goes in, Ricky chooses to forgive her and the two embrace one final time.

The Dead Parents Club gathers to help Ben practice telling his deceased mother that he's going to be a father. He thinks it will help him break the news to Amy. It doesn’t. Ben informs Leo that he’s not going to tell her he’ll let her hear from someone else. Leo takes charge and charters a plane to take Ben to NY to take him to tell Amy face to face.

Madison and Lauren aren’t speaking to each other as Lauren is mad at Madison because she knew about Adrian deciding to keep the baby and didn’t let her know that until Monday. Madison excuse is that she had a hectic weekend, but Lauren thinks she was just busy making out with Jack. Lauren ends up telling Jesse that the two of them are going to be spending more time together as he and Jack get caught in the crossfire.

Adrian bravely announces to the whole school that she is pregnant, not caring what anyone thinks or has to say about it, going on to reveal to everyone that Ben is actually the father.

Meanwhile Kathleen finds out that Jack has been hiding out in the guest house with Tom after he ended up failing his all-important drug test after the pot brownies debacle. Jack admits to Kathleen that he doesn’t have any other options and that it would be good for Tom to have someone with him out in the guest house. Feeling generous, Kathleen allows Jack to carry on living with Tom in the guest house, not wanting him out on the street but is nonetheless annoyed that Tom and Grace both knew about the situation and that all 3 of them failed to ask her permission beforehand.

When Ben and Leo arrive in New York, Amy is so ecstatic to see Ben after a long time away from each other and despite his pre-planned monologue, his plan goes out the window when he accidently blurts out the news of Adrian's pregnancy. Amy runs off, understandably furious and dejected, leaving Ben regretful with his mouth agape with incredulity.





  • When Ben goes to the bathroom after being humiliated by Adrian at around the 26:35 mark, if you look closely at the symbol on the door you can see that Ben actually walks into the girls' bathroom.