"One Night at Band Camp" is the twenty-second episode of Season 1 of The Secret Life of the American Teenager. It aired on March 16, 2009.


Flashback! We're suddenly there on the very first day of band camp circa 2008, where a younger and NOT pregnant Amy first catches sight of Ricky out on the high school field. She's so thrown off, she forgets to make a turn in the marching-band formation, which prompts him to laugh and wave at her. Flash-forward to present-day Amy, who's dozing off in the hospital room as she waits to give birth. Ricky sees her and waves. Aww.

All right, so back to band camp 2008. Ricky approaches Amy in the lunchroom to ask if she'd like to hang out, then promises to watch her play later that night—she's the freshman soloist. Meanwhile, Madison and Lauren are at Grant High for orientation, where they first catch sight of Jack and Grace. The young couple has just gone on their first date, and Jack says he doesn't want to go out with anyone else. Grace isn't so sure she's on board. And over at the Boykewich residence, a pre-high-school Ben is excited to get his braces off, hopefully in time to score some chicks. As for the younger—but definitely no less sexy—Adrian, she's just hoping to get a new car.

Back in the present, Amy's still stuck in the hospital, miserable and cranky as ever—so cranky, in fact, that she sends Ricky out to the Dairy Shack to get her a burger. (The hospital burgers aren't good enough.) Which presents a perfect opportunity to look back at the first time he made a move on her. It was at band camp, while she was practicing her solo. In the flashback, he goes in for a light kiss and leaves her all flustered. Talk about big changes between then and now.

But you know what hasn't changed much? Grace and Jack. When we see Grace in the present day, Tom's grilling her about what happened between her and Jack at the baby shower. We flash back to a conversation Grace and Marshall had in summer 2008: He's grilling her for details on her date with Jack. Even back then, Grace already had her sights set on making Jack her One. OK, so there were a few detours.

Back in the now, Alice and Henry are IMing on laptops in the hospital waiting room, just like they were doing the summer before freshman year (minus the hospital waiting room). Ben tries to do something nice for Amy by bringing her a Kobe beef burger (fancy!), but she rejects it. She's in pain, and he can't handle seeing her like that—so he passes out.

Even George and Ashley can't bring Amy out of her misery, though we do get a cute flashback of a younger Ashley in ballet class ... and a less-cute flashback of George right before he started cheating on Anne with Cindy. We figure out that the two cheating lovebirds met at (where else?) George's furniture store. Oh, and for all you Ashley and Thomas fans out there ... she breaks the news that they've broken up. Apparently they lacked a certain spark of passion. Too bad.

As Ashley and Ricky wait in the hospital for Amy to finally give birth (and to name that baby), Ricky asks Ashley to be nice to him—'cause everyone who sees Amy in pain must be hating him, and he needs a friend. Cue flashback to another band-camp moment, where Ricky's subtly hinting to Amy that what he's REALLY looking for is a girlfriend—and it takes every last cool bone in Amy's body for her to stay calm. And in another flashback moment, Adrian's getting that red convertible we all know and love her for. It's a present from Cindy, who managed to score it with a little negotiating help from George—though nobody quite knows about the affair yet, not even Adrian.

Meanwhile, in real time, Adrian, Grace, Tom, Jack, and Tammy are all going over to the hospital ... mostly to see Amy's baby, but also because Jack is kind of still in love with Grace, and vice versa. Madison and Lauren also drop by to visit Amy, who's not exactly in the mood to talk. Instead, her mind wanders back to that fateful night at band camp, in the cafeteria after hours, where she and Ricky are getting to know each other better ... maybe too well. Though we don't see what happens after they start making out, from the flash-forward scene we get of Amy pregnant on the hospital bed, we can figure out that the consequences of that one night were way more than Amy (and Ricky) ever figured they'd be ...

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