"Par for the Course" is the third episode of Season 2 of The Secret Life of the American Teenager. It aired on July 6, 2009.

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Another morning at the Bowman household is another morning spent in mourning. Jack stops by and tries to talk to Grace one more time, but not only does she accuse him of having pushed her to have sex, she also says she isn't going to her father's funeral. What can a poor, devastated Jack do?

Amy, on the other hand, wants to go to the funeral but can't, because she has to work at the nursery that afternoon. Oh well, at least she's not the only one in school who won't be attending—Ben can't go either, since he has to cover at the butcher shop while Ricky attends. That's how Ben's paying Ricky back for his advice on how to "man up" with Amy.

As for Anne and George, they're still working out the divorce so that Anne can (maybe) marry David. George agrees to give Anne the car, the house, and everything in it.

At Grant High, where the funeral is the talk of the hallways, Joe the school geek is taking bets on whether or not Grace will emerge from her room for the service. But Adrian's not so sure she's going now, especially because Jack's blaming her for having started his obsession with sex, which seems to have led to Grace's decision to "do it."

So, when a fight breaks out between Adrian and Jack in the hallway, Ben goes over to comfort her. Uh, but to Amy, who's just walking by, it looks like a lot more than just friendly comforting. Now that Amy's made it pretty clear she's not about to have sex any time soon, will Ben start looking elsewhere? Well, if Ricky has any say in it, that "elsewhere" won't be Adrian!

Over at the butcher shop, Ben's on his own, since Ricky and Bunny are both away for the funeral. (Bunny knew Marshall from church.) That's probably why Leo shows up, just to help out his son, but the gesture makes Ben even more insecure about whether or not he can do anything on his own. So he does the only thing he can think of to assert his independence: He quits!

Meanwhile, Reverend Stone tries, unsuccessfully, to convince Grace to go to her dad's funeral. Turns out Jack's told the Reverend (aka his step-dad) everything about their one night of spectacular sex, which just makes Grace feel worse. While the Reverend fails to talk Grace into going to the funeral, Ruben successfully gets Adrian to go. And since Ben doesn't have a job anymore, now he gets to go too. But he doesn't have a ride with his dad, so he hitches one with Betty, who reveals some of her past: Seems she ran away from home to be with a man who turned out to be not such a catch. Wonder if that's what drove her toward the "oldest profession"? At the church, Tom catches sight of her, and they wave hi, which leaves Ben wondering how they know each other.

But there are bigger things to worry about: Grace drove to the church with her mom, but she won't get out of the limo to actually attend the funeral. So it's Ricky to the rescue yet again. He promises Kathleen he'll get Grace to go and, sure enough, he gets into the car and gives Grace a talk that finally convinces her. Poor Jack: Not only is he drinking at the funeral, but he couldn't even convince his own girlfriend the way Ricky just did. When Grace is finally convinced to attend the funeral, Ricky holds her hand and walks her up to the church steps.

Well, at least Grace is there, on the church steps, with her family, right? And with that, the funeral procession begins. It's an unusual, uplifting event, just like Marshall wanted, full of golf carts and ceremony.

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