Past history
"Past History" is a The Secret Life of the American Teenager episode from season five.

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Dylan confronts Ben on the detective coming to her house and talking to her parents. It comes out that they are no longer in a relationship. Raven and Mercedes, after witnessing their conversation, tell Ben to stay away from Dylan. Ben learns that he is not responsible for the fire at Dylan's school.

Mimsy sends Amy $1,000. Ricky wants her to give it back because Mimsy has Alzheimers and may need it. Amy points out that Mimsy sent Ashley $10,000, and that Mimsy is her grandmother so Ricky has no say in whether she keeps it or not. Amy as a willful liar is more than a little strange but she has her reasons.

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She waltzes off to school with the $1,000 in her bag, sticks it in her locker and forgets to lock it. But not before she runs into her “mentee” Kathy who has been hanging out in the hall being rude to all and sundry while waiting for Amy. Ethan tries to hit on her, Grace is too perky and Kathy hates perky, plus she’s a Jesus freak. Grace meets Grant and tells her all about his summer at Med camp.

Ben mutters déja vu after she practically bites her head off. But when she finds out that Ben was Amy’s boyfriend, suddenly she’s all smiles in Ethan’s direction. As much as Amy would like to put the kabosh on that, Kathy has a mind of her own.
At college, Clementine recognizes Ricky who doesn’t recognize her. She also recognizes that Adrian is not Ricky’s wife but has her eye on him. Jack has his eyes on Clementine but later admits to Grace that he loves her.
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Kathleen gets her divorce papers but tells George she is still reluctant to give him the green light for sex, unless she is sure of his intentions. George has music for her ears. He wants to marry Kathleen and spend the rest of his life with her for all the right reasons. Evil future step-daughter Grace pops in to ruin their happy ever after wallpaper removal and painting plans. George has a talk with her and suggests she do her own redecorating with Jack.

Raven warns Ben, if he makes any more trouble for Dylan. It turns out that Dylan’s excuses to the detective are true (the fire was caused by something wrong with the gas lines and not making smores on the Bunsen Burner), Ben’s off the hook. Leo still orders Ben to stay away from Dylan. He can only see Alice and Henry. Ben spills his guts that he slept with Alice to his father.
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Kathy talks to her grandmother, who thinks it’s “cool” that her pregnant 15-year-old grand-daughter has a boyfriend. She’s just glad to see a smile on Kathy’s face. 
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 Margaret and Shakur are planning a wedding complete with Ricky and Amy riding in on elephants. Nora is on board to help convince Ricky and Amy to have a real wedding that no one will forget, especially the elephants. They never do.



Secret Life 5x05 Promo Past History

Secret Life 5x05 Promo Past History

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