"Pomp" is a The Secret Life of the American Teenager episode from season four.

Synopsis Edit

Everyone tries to get permission from their parents to attend Jesse's graduation party.

Amy tries to get Ricky to go but little does she know it's the night he plans on proposing.

Grace is angry with Adrian for going after Omar.

Now that they are broke up, Alice and Henry tell Ben they have shared custody of him.

Ricky finds out he's valedictorian and needs to write a speech.

Katelyn tells Adrian she can take part in graduation. Katelyn also asks Jack to say a prayer at graduation. Jack uses writing the prayer as an excuse to work with Grace.

George thinks there is a romance brewing between Anne and Nora.

Leo asks Camille to dinner.

Betty meets a divorce attorney at the airport while she's waiting for Leo's private jet who tells her he can win her half of everything.

Kathleen thinks about meeting Jeff in Kenya.

Omar kisses Adrian like she's never been kissed before. It only makes Adrian want to kiss Ricky more.

Alice and Henry realize it's only fair if they "break up" with Ben too so all three of them are now alone.

Ethan has to spend the summer in "juvie" doing community service work for sending the naked picture text.

Margaret is thrilled when she finds out Ricky plans to propose to Amy.

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