Sarah Helen Boykewich is the late wife of Leo Boykewich, mother of Ben Boykewich, and grandmother of Mercy Boykewich.

History Edit

She was born in 1963 and in high school, she and Leo were high school sweethearts who married right out of high school when they were both eighteen.

Both of Sarah's parents were alcoholics and Sarah also grew up an alcoholic, but stopped drinking after a car crash that killed both of her parents which was due to her father being drunk behind the wheel.

On September 25, 2003, according to The Secret Diary of Ashley Juergens, for unknown reasons, she passed away.

In season one's episode, Absent, it was revealed that on the anniversary of Sarah's death every year, Ben visits her grave, and in 2008, he took a picture of his girlfriend, Amy Juergens, and told her that Amy was the woman he loved.

Although Sarah has never physically appeared in an episode, old photos of her and Leo were shown in season three's Sweet and Sour.

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