Season Four

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First Air Date
June 13, 2011
Last Air Date
June 4, 2012
Shailene Woodley
Daren Kagasoff
India Eisley
Ken Baumann
Francia Raisa
Greg Finley II
Megan Park
Mark Derwin
Steve Schirripa
Molly Ringwald
DVD Release
March 20, 2012
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The fourth season of The Secret Life of the American Teenager, an American television series created by Brenda Hampton, debuted on the ABC Family television network on Monday, June 13, 2011 at 8:00 PM.

During its third season's hiatus, ABC Family announced on January 10, 2011, that the show would be renewed for a fourth season. The fourth season premiered on June 13, 2011, one week after the season 3 finale.

Main Cast[edit | edit source]

Episodes[edit | edit source]

No. # Title Directed by Written by Original U.S. air date U.S. viewers
74 1 When One Door Closes... Keith Truesdell Brenda Hampton June 13, 2011 3.07[1]
An emotional and depressed Adrian refuses to leave the house or allow visitors, leaving friends and family uncertain how to help her grieve. After a few months of frequent sleepovers, Ricky invites Amy to move in permanently with their son, but in light of Ben and Adrian's recent drama, she feels guilty about the positive direction that her own life is taking. Meanwhile, Tom is in an unusual new relationship that concerns his mother; Ashley prepares to travel across the country with her boyfriend; and on top of some obvious family difficulties, Leo has unexpected drama with a long-time female employee. Amy goes to visit Adrian and she tells her that she's moving in with Ricky. At school Ben is having a really bad time and tells Amy how he feels about what he said about not wanting to be a husband and having a baby.
75 2 ...Another One Opens Anson Williams Brenda Hampton June 20, 2011 2.71[2]
Betty applies her own brand of comfort for Adrian's mourning. Ashley decides to go ahead with her cross-country road trip. Ricky finds out from Ben that Amy told Adrian that they move in together mean while Ben starts telling people that he wants out of the marriage and starts bad mouthing Ricky's and Amy's relationship. Ricky confronts Amy about her lying to him about how her dad found out that she move in with him but later forgives her and they both agree to be honest with each other no matter what.
76 3 When Opportunity Knocks Keith Truesdell Brenda Hampton June 27, 2011 2.81[3]
Ricky's parents find out that he and Amy moved in together. Grace comes back from a medical mission trip, but Griffin's boyfriend Peter suspects that she may not have been faithful to Grant while she was gone. Bunny substitutes for Camille in Leo's office, with interesting results. And Ben explores his feelings for Adrian.
77 4 One Foot Out the Door Gail Bradley Paul Perlove July 4, 2011 1.60[4]
Amy and Ricky disagree over whether or not John needs to be taken to the ER, which results in further arguments over their future together. Elsewhere, Grace has new guy named Daniel in her life and is now juggling him, Grant, and Jack without a second thought. Ben's father encourages him to work on his marriage, while Adrian tries to trick Ben into telling her how he really feels. While Ricky talks to the nurse he keeps calling his "wife" without noticing.
78 5 Hole in the Wall Keith Truesdell Brenda Hampton July 11, 2011 2.69[5]
As Ben continues to examine his options, he and Adrian have a huge blowout. Adrian finally gathers the courage to take all of the baby's things out of the would-be nursery. Jack reveals to Grace that he broke up with Madison.
79 6 Don't Go in There Anson Williams Elaine Arata July 18, 2011 2.58[6]
Ben wakes up hung-over and decides to move out of his apartment with Adrian. Adrian surprises everyone and returns to school and, to Ben's dismay, acts like nothing is wrong. A nervous Rachel leaves Tom alone with the children while she goes on a business trip. It turns out Tom isn't as excited about being a parent as he thought he would be. Adrian learns from Katelyn (the guidance counsellor) if she continues with summer school she'll graduate in time for college in the fall. Adrian lies to Amy and everyone else at school and pretends that she and Ben are happy. Ricky has an interview at a local college, but the interview goes horribly wrong when the interviewer (Karlee Carmichael) hits on him. The situation gets worse when a scorned Karlee tells Katelyn that Ricky won't be getting into school there because he tried to pressure her into sex. Reverend Stone lets slip to Kathleen that Grace's new boyfriend, Daniel, is in college. Daniel stops by to meet Kathleen; she actually takes a liking to him and they end up playing a prank on Grace. Grace tries to sneak out of the house to meet Daniel but ends up in his car alone while Daniel's inside eating dinner with Kathleen. Adrian begs Ben to be civil and at least hold hands with her at school. Ben decides to move back in with Adrian just as friends and he tells her he'll live in the nursery. Adrian couldn't be happier.
80 7 Cute Keith Truesdell Jeffrey Rodgers July 25, 2011 2.90[7]
Amy wants to help Ricky with his problems with Karlee. He protests and is upset that she went to the school counselor to discuss this problem. Amy finds Karlee at the university campus and keenly speaks with her. Later on, Amy calls Toby and asks him about Karlee. He said that his stepsister has problems with promiscuity. Grace tries to subtly warn Ben not to sleep with Adrian without telling Ben about Adrian's plan to get pregnant again. Nora and Ben go to restaurant, but they find Ollie and Ruben together. Ollie wants Nora back, but Nora can’t resume their relationship. Ruben asks Ben if he would really leave Adrian after what they've been through. The waiter at the restaurant mixed up orders and gave Nora and Ben a bottle of wine. Nora gets drunk after two years of abstinence from alcohol. With Amy's help, the guidance counsellor Katelyn talks to the admissions office and discovers that Karlee has other complaints against her. Karlee is terminated and Ricky is accepted to the college.
81 8 Dancing With the Stars Gail Bradley Brenda Hampton August 1, 2011 2.35[8]
As the senior dance approaches, Jack is desperate to find a date while Amy pressures Ricky to invite her to accompany him. After talking to Amy & playing with John, Adrian decides she wants to be pregnant again.
82 9 Flip Flop Keith Truesdell Kelley Turk & Courtney Turk August 8, 2011 2.53[9]
Adrian has a change of heart about Ben and instead focuses her energy on getting Ricky back, which brings out Amy's insecurities. Elsewhere, Nora tries to pick up the pieces of her life and rent a room from George.
83 10 4-1-1 Anson Williams Brenda Hampton August 15, 2011 2.42[10]
Amy feels guilty about checking Ricky's phone. Amy's father and friends assure her that he has checked hers in the past and Ricky confirms it. Meanwhile, a young friend of Ricky's, Ethan, shows up. Madison regrets breaking up with Jack. Elsewhere, Grace plays matchmaker for Adrian by introducing her to a pal of Daniel's named Dante. Ricky and Amy make up and decide to do something crazy together.
84 11 The Games We Play Gail Bradley Brenda Hampton & Elaine Arata August 22, 2011 2.51[11]
Adrian is introduced to Omar, the brother of one of Daniel's friends, and sparks fly. Jack asks Madison to the graduation. Amy hopes for a proposal from Ricky – who has a surprise of his own.
85 12 Pomp Lindsley Parsons III Brenda Hampton August 29, 2011 2.38[12]

Lauren and Madison try to convince their parents to let them go to Jesse's graduation party at his parent's lakehouse which is 50 miles away. Ricky is named class valedictorian but doesn't want to write the speech for the graduation ceremony which he does anyway. Meanwhile, Amy tries to convince Ricky to attend the graduation party but he tells her that it's going to be a special evening even if they won't go there. Ricky tells Bunny that he is going to propose to Amy which makes her very happy. He also tells his foster mother who is thrilled. The school counselor gets Jack to write the prayer and Jack gets Grace to help him. Tom is a little disappointed in Jack that he uses Grace's need to help people to do something with Grace. Even though Grace tells everyone she doesn't want to go to the party since her boyfriend is so mature, she wants her mother to allow her to go there. Adrian learns that she will graduate with her class. Adrian admits to Ricky that she still loves him and says that one day they will have sex again so he trys to persuade her to go to a different school in the fall than he does. Grace thinks it's wrong of Adrian to go after Omar, Dante's brother. Omar visits Adrian in the condo where they kiss, he tells her that she won't kiss Ricky again because then she will think about him and this kiss. However she asks Grace for a way to kiss Ricky that she can compare his kisses to Omar's {C Alice and Henry explain to Ben that they share custody, so they take turns with Ben. Since Henry wants to go the party together with Ben and Alice wants to hang out with Ben just like they always did on the last day of school, Alice and Henry agree that both of them shouldn't be friends with Ben. Katherine, Grace's mother really misses her husband Jeff which us why she thinks about visiting him for a week in Kenya. Leo is very contented by Nora's work as his assistant and he goes out for an afterworkdrink with Camille. George thinks that Anne is gay and that she and Nora have a romance. Betty's mother dies and she meets a divorce lawyer who convinces her to go after Leo.

86 13 And Circumstance Keith Truesdell Brenda Hampton September 5, 2011 2.83[13]

Amy begins to suspect that Ricky is going to propose, since John keeps saying "ring". Ricky, Jack, and Adrian all have brief flashbacks, thinking of their high school experiences. Ricky thinks of Amy, Jack of Grace, and Adrian of Ricky. Ben invites Adrian to lunch and tells her that they both need to get over Amy and Ricky, especially since there's a rumor going around school that Ricky is planning on proposing to Amy. At the graduation ceremony, Jack and Ricky both give speeches. At the end of Ricky's speech, he calls Amy up on stage and proposes to her, and she happily accepts.

87 14 Smokin' Like A Virgin Gail Bradley Brenda Hampton March 26, 2012 2.51[14]

The morning after the graduation party, Ricky asks Amy when she wants to get married, and is surprised to find that Amy is not in a big hurry to get married -- she's just happy to be engaged. Ben and Dylan talk on the phone all day, and he asks her out for that evening. However, when Alice tells him that Henry and Adrian slept together at the party, he breaks their date and angrily confronts Henry. Henry suggests that he was seduced just like Ben was, but Ben tells him that he is no longer welcome in his home and his friend. Dylan and her friends (including Raven) come to confront Ben and demand to know why he broke their date. He invites them to his room, and they ask if he minds if they smoke pot. They are discovered by Leo and Dylan's parents, who have followed her.

88 15 Defiance Anson Williams Brenda Hampton April 2, 2012 1.56[15]
Amy argues with Ricky over her decision to attend summer school; Dylan and Ben's parents forbid them from seeing each other.
89 16 They Gotta Eat Lindsley Parsons III Brenda Hampton & Elaine Arata April 9, 2012 1.61[16]

Jacob (Jordan Fisher), a high school boy who grew up in rural Africa, wants to stay with Kathleen instead of going off to a boarding school. Kathleen is unsure about this idea, but Jacob will be sticking around. It is revealed that Jacob is Grace's half-brother from an affair her father, Marshall, had years ago. Kathleen is not happy to learn about his existence. A dinner is arranged for Amy, Lauren, and Madison by their respective fathers in hopes of working out their problems, which ultimately doesn't work out too well.

90 17 Suddenly Last Summer Keith Truesdell Brenda Hampton April 16, 2012 1.61[17]
Amy is increasingly short with everyone in her life, including Ricky, leaving him wondering what is going on with her, but he is not prepared when she reveals that she might be pregnant again. Ben, determined to get permission from Dylan's parents to see her, makes another attempt to win them over, but it doesn't turn out quite like he hoped when he ends up sharing too much information about his family. Grace is unsure how to react to her mother's shocking news about the secret her father kept from everyone and turns to Jack for support. And, Anne's evening with Nora raises questions for George.
91 18 The Beach is Back Gail Bradley Brenda Hampton April 23, 2012 1.60[18]
Dylan and her friends surprise Ben at school, while Grace doesn't want Jacob attending her school. Elsewhere, Kathleen tries to understand her late husband's secrets; and an overburdened Amy acts ornery at home with Ricky (when he takes her to band camp).
92 19 The Splits Keith Truesdell Brenda Hampton April 30, 2012 1.47[19]
Ben and Dylan go on their first real date together. Elsewhere, Tom runs into problems with police.
93 20 Strange Familiar Anson Williams Brenda Hampton & Paul Perlove May 7, 2012 1.51[20]
A desperate Kathleen resorts to bribery to get Grace to talk to Jacob. Elsewhere, Dylan attempts to befriend Adrian.
94 21 Allies Keith Truesdell Brenda Hampton & Elaine Arata May 14, 2012 1.40[21]
Amy is in danger of failing summer school.
95 22 The Text Best Thing Anson Williams Brenda Hampton & Jeffrey Rodgers May 21, 2012 1.16[23]
A rumor about Anne is spread along with news about Amy's wedding date.
96 23 4SnP Keith Truesdell Brenda Hampton, Kelley Turk, & Courtney Turk May 28, 2012 1.40[25]
Ashley and Anne return from Europe. Adrian becomes jealous from all the attention surrounding Amy.
97 24 Love is Love Gail Bradley Brenda Hampton & Anne Ramsay June 4, 2012 1.43[26]
Ben must decide if he wants to transfer to Dylan's school after touring it. Anne hooks up with a woman and shares the news with her family, making George happy that he was right. Grace undergoes the aftermath of her bi-curious experience with Adrian, and Adrian is enjoying the centre of attention at school. Amy decides that Ricky and her should run away and get married. Leo shares his feelings about Dylan with Ben, making Ben upset that his father doesn't like his girlfriend. Ashley continues to be mean to Amy, thinking that she is gay. The aftermath of George telling Kathleen about his Anne theory and how that rumor was spread throughout the school continues. Something seems to have happened with Alice. Jack, Jacob, and Tom all try to comfort Grace. Grace is trying to think of ways to see if she is a lesbian or if she just was curious. Ben cashes $1,200 on his father's credit card, having it be Dylan's idea. Omar and Adrian go through some serious relationship difficulties after the aftermath of what happened between Adrian and Grace pulls into play. Nobody seems to be happy except for Anne who enjoys hooking up with a ton of women.
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