"She Went That Away" is a The Secret Life of the American Teenager episode from season three.


While Adrian waits at the clinic with her mother, Ricky’s mom Margaret stops by the clinic to pick up some paper work and notices Adrian. The two of them meet and Adrian tells her that she might not want to go through with the abortion after all. Ben meets Adrian at the clinic and she tells him that she has decided to have the baby. After Adrian decides to keep the baby, Margaret walks away saying she is glad it’s not Ricky’s baby.

Everyone is now starting to find out—and Ben does not know how to break the news to Amy. Ashley finds out that Adrian is going to keep the baby and she tells Ricky, George, and Anne. Anne wants Ashley to tell Amy but Ashley wants Ben to be the one to tell her. Meanwhile, Ben and Adrian tell Grace that Adrian is having the baby. Tom overhears them and tells Jack. Madison calls Jack and threatens to end their relationship if he doesn't meet her and explain why he's parked in front of a girl's house. Jack rushes to meet her and is seen through the Bowmans' window by Adrian and Ben. Ben leaves to find Jack before he tells someone about the baby. Ben is forced to tell Madison and she urges him to tell Amy before someone else does.

Margaret puts John to bed and asks Ricky how he's doing—but what she's really interested in knowing is if he's spoken to Adrian. Ricky tells her that he's not going to marry Amy or anyone else and reveals that he didn't even want to have a baby.

George goes to Adrian’s house to tell Ruben to keep the news a secret until Amy gets home. Meanwhile, Ruben has been out golfing all day with Leo and when Ben and Adrian arrive back at Leo’s they tell their fathers about their decision. Leo instructs Ben that he must tell Amy. Later, Alice and Henry try to convince Ben to tell Amy but he still cannot work up the courage.

Back at Adrian’s house, Ruben tells Cindy that he is so happy that Adrian has changed her mind. Cindy is not happy with Adrian’s decision; she does not want her to be a mother at seventeen.

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