"Strange Familiar" is a The Secret Life of the American Teenager episode from season four.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Kathleen reveals to George that her marriage to Jeff is over. She tells him by saying that Jeff won't be coming home from Zimbabwe. George calls Anne and asks if they're ever going to get back together. He gets her on the phone, and it is revealed that she'd in a boutique in France with Ashley, who is trying on an "amazing dress", according to Anne. Anne tells him no, they won't be getting back together, and George tells her that he can't do the constant back and forth anymore. Kathleen tries to bribe Grace into speaking with Jacob, in so doing, she tells Grace that if she won't cooperate, she'll be forced to move back in. Kathleen says to Grace that she needs to grow up over the summer. George asks Amy to quit her job at the nursery. Bunny confronts Ben about his date with Dylan. She tells him that she looked at the security tapes and saw that they were at the butcher shop. Amy tells Ricky that she doesn't want to be pressured into getting married. Ben tells Ricky that it would be humiliating if Amy decided not to get married after a "big, fat, proposal in front of everybody". Adrian tells Ben that she got the divorce papers, and although things are looking good with Omar, she tells Ben that she wants him to respectful of her feelings. Ricky asks Ben if the divorce is really final. Ben says that it is. And then he says, "At least she married me," and shoots Ricky a long an meaningful look. Dylan confronts Ben about seeing Adrian and telling her through text messages. She tells him that she is jealous of Adrian. Bunny approaches Dylan and Ben and compliments her on her hair. She reveals to Dylan that, in order to get her hair shiny, she puts bacon grease in it. Amy and Nora bond over Robie's crying. Amy tells Nora that she needs help. Then, Amy asks Nora if George has said whether or not he is in love with Kathleen. Nora tells Amy that she thinks that George has always been in love with Kathleen, always has been, always will be. Grace tells Adrian that her mom said that she can move into the guest house. Ricky asks Nora if she cares whether or not Anne is gay. Nora tells him that Anne is not her type.

Leo talks to Betty about his problems with Camille. At that same time, Ben confronts Leo on his divorce papers. Leo tells Ben that he got his, too. Leo tries to tell Betty not to come over anymore, but he chickens out.

Anne forgets her passport at the store she and Ashley were shopping at. The woman who had been helping them has it, and gives it back to Anne. Anne quickly thanks her in French, but it is revealed that the woman speaks English. She asks Anne out, and Anne almost flips out before politely declining, saying that she has to get back to Ashley. Anne looks slightly frightened (either at the suddenness of the unexpected question, or the fact that she may be gay).

Adrian and Omar have sex. He asks her to go for to a movie, but Adrian declines. Omar claims that Adrian is vulnerable. Adrian says that she used Omar for sex to make her happy. Adrian lets it slip out to him that she saw Ben at the butcher shop. He leaves and walks out. Dylan attempts to bond with Adrian by showing up unexpectedly at her condo.

Jacob brings his suitcase into Grace's bedroom. Then they compete with memories about Dr. Bowman. Grace says that it is a contest to see who their dad loved the most. Jacob says that he loved Grace the most, and Grace apologizes, and says that she loves Jacob's continent. George and Tom talk about Tom's mistake about driving Rachel's car. Kathleen tells George that she's upset with Tom about his reckless behavior. Kathleen compliments George on his haircut, and they talk about their memories on their married life together. Amy unexpectedly brings Robie over, and ignores Kathleen, and wishes George a good Saturday, before storming out. George tells Kathleen that Amy doesn't want him to to be in love with anyone but Anne. George vents about Ashley about getting a GED and going to college in Florida. George also says that he's worried about Amy marrying Ricky just because they have John and because she's the first and only guy she's ever been with. It is then that Kathleen tells George that sex with him was fun, and he was the first guy she was ever with.

Ben walks in on Adrian, Omar and Dylan sitting on Adrian's couch. Adrian and Dylan say to Ben (after Ben tells them that he'll get take-out) that he knows what they like. Omar reacts negatively. Ricky asks Amy if she's only with him for sex. Amy takes off after saying that she's hungry. Ricky says that this is the longest summer of his life (in a bad way). Amy opens the door again and tells him that she heard what he said. Grace and Jacob go see Tom. Jacob expresses an interest as to where their dad was buried. Grace reminds Tom that he said that Dr. Bowman haunted their guest house, but Tom declines the invitation.

Amy and Ben meet unexpectedly at Fiano's Pizza. Ben apologizes for the night before. Ben reveals that his divorce to Adrian is final. Then he asks how the wedding date between her and Ricky. Amy says that she doesn't want to set a date yet. Ben asks (after his pizza is ready first) if Amy wants Ben to wait with her. Jacob and Grace bond where Dr. Bowman was buried. Jacob reveals to Grace that his mother met their dad before Kathleen. Jacob plays around with Grace that his mom was Oprah Winfrey.

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