"Summertime" is the seventh episode of Season 2 of The Secret Life of the American Teenager. It aired on August 3, 2009.


Has it already been three months since we last checked up on the gang? Yep, we fast-forwarded right through summer. Ben's home from Italy with some mementos ... like a picture of him on a Vespa with a girl. What's worse? He hasn't spoken to Amy in a week and doesn't call her when he gets home.

Things aren't any better for Ricky and Adrian, who are still cheating on each other and still completely suspicious of each other—even if it's painfully obvious that Adrian's hopelessly in love with him and just wants him to say it back to her. But, being Ricky, he can't ... despite the fact that the two are also, hypocritically, telling each other not to cheat.

At least things are going better for Jack and Grace, who are back from football and doctor camp, respectively, and totally happy to see each other ... even if Grace has picked up some annoying "doctor" mannerisms (touching everyone on the shoulder, making intense eye contact, getting too close).

On the morning of the first day back at school, Amy's grumpy about Ben, but she cheers right up when possible-stepfather-to-be David tells her he's buying her a new SUV. Yep, it's a bribe to make her be nice to him. Ben, however, cannot be cheered up by anything, especially after having spent most of his summer on the phone, fighting with Amy and noticing how much fun other couples seem to have. According to Adrian, who's had a few phone calls with him (much to the chagrin of both Ricky and Amy), he's thinking about breaking up with her.

Back in the hallways of Grant High, Alice and Henry are eager to find out if Ben's had sex with other women during his summer abroad, but Ben says he hasn't. Madison and Lauren are making a pact to actually get boyfriends this time around, since Jason dumped Madison. And there's a new counselor in town: the football coach, who's standing in now that Marc Molina's quit. But the biggest shocker of all is Ashley. That morning, Amy and Anne had nixed the casual, loose clothes she'd chosen for her first day of high school. So Ashley walks into Grant in an ultra-sexy dress, with bright red lips. Everyone stares. It's not long before she makes her first friend, another freshman named Griffin. Hold on a minute there, ladies: Griffin might be ultra-cute, but he's gay. And he makes it his responsibility to ensure none of the other dudes snatch Ashley away.

After classes end, Ben and Amy are stuck at school for detention, because Ben blurted out a kind-of-nice-kind-of-mean line about Amy in front of the whole class. ("Amy Juergens, you're the most beautiful, most frustrating woman on Earth." Nice.) But at least it gives them a chance to talk about all that's happened over the summer. Ben tells her he still loves her, he didn't do anything with anyone in Italy, and he still wants to make it work—they just have to find some common interests. Guess things are good ... for now.

Back at the Juergenses, George finally tells Anne the truth about his vasectomy. Anne reveals that she and David had already figured as much, but they don't care and are going to get married and take care of the kid anyway. Anne's "comfortable" with David. Wait, not in love? Just ... comfortable? So George tells her HE'S still in love with her, and he can "fix" things. But just what does he mean by that? It COULD mean a chance to piece back together the Juergens clan. But will it work?

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