"Thank You and Goodbye" is the series finale of The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

Synopsis Edit

Amy catches up with Ben in the hallway during school and asks him why he missed graduation rehearsal. Ben explains that he had a root canal, and Amy says that she thought he had perfect teeth. Ben says that it is apparent that he doesn't. Amy asks him if it hurt, and Ben says he's been in pain for the last four years, so it didn't really matter. Amy smiles and says that high school wasn't good to either one of them. Ben asks Amy if she thinks college will be better for him, and Amy says she hopes so. Amy tells Ben about what they're supposed to do for their graduation rehearsal. Ben asks her if Ricky will be at graduation with her, and Amy says he will be. Ben says he'll be bringing Adrian, and Amy reminds him that her wedding is tomorrow. Ben asks her if she really is getting married.

Meanwhile, Jack asks Grace if she wants to go to the graduation party together. Grace declines, and Jack asks her if she's going to say goodbye to Adrian. Adrian, from where she's standing with Ben, Henry, and Alice, sees them standing together and wishes Grace a goodbye from across the hall. She tells her to stay in touch, and then they go towards each other and hug. Then they see Amy standing with Ricky, and Amy comes over to hug both of them. Adrian says she'll miss them, and then bids Jack, Ricky, and Ben a goodbye. She tells Amy and Ricky that she hopes they'll be happy together, before walking out behind Henry and Alice.

Lastly, Adrian goes back to her condo alone. She had a to-go bag and a drink in her hand. As she sits on the couch, there is a close up of the bag, revealing that it is from Poppi's Taco's. She has two tacos, and opens one and takes a bite. She sighs and looks sad for a moment, before saying out loud that, even though she is alone, it is all right because she is happy. Omar knocks on Adrian's door and tells her that there is a school there waiting for her and they hug, assumingly getting back together.

Grace and Jack sit in Grace's house while Jack thinks of his memories with her and high school. They decide to stay friends and when Jack leaves, Grace turns on her radio and dances happily.

Ben and Leo talk about life and tries to convince him to give up on Amy but he doesn't.

At Ricky's apartment, Amy decides she is going to New York and not getting married to Ricky. Both are very angry, but Ricky admits that even though he loves Amy, he never really loved her. She tells him that they both will have families. Ricky asks her if she is in love with Ben to which Amy smiles. The viewer is left unanswered as it fades to black before Amy could answer Ricky's question.

Amy is about to leave for New York and leaves the butcher shop with George and Anne, but they keep going in and out for Amy is unsure of her decision. Finally, she decides to go to New York and leaves the butcher shop.

In the end, Ricky is left reading to John a story which can be assumed refers to Amy leaving and being happy. And he says, "And she lived happily ever after." and "And so will we. But I think that Amy and Ricky will forever know that they love each other and want to be together but that it would never work out because they are two totally different kinda of people.


  • Megan Park (Grace) has said she was surprised by who everybody ends up with. "It's real, but it's not what everybody's going to want."
  • According to Ken Baumann (Ben), "The final two scenes are really, really sad and good.. . The last scene is totally heartbreaking." The question about whether Ricky and Amy will marry will be answered in the final minute of the series.
  • This episode is a clip show.
  • This is the third time Ricky breaks down.
  • Ethan, Kathy, Chloe, and Clementine do not appear in this episode.
  • Ashley only appears in the flashback, her last appearance in person was in I Do and I Don't.
  • Reuben, Cindy, Grant, and Daniel also only appear in flashbacks.
  • The song "Blurry" by Puddles of Mudd is played during Ricky's clip.
  • The song "Full Circle" by Ben Kweller plays over Ben and Amy's flashback montage.
  • Many people were disappointed about the episode, due to the lack of answers.
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