"The Father and the Son" is the fourteenth episode of Season 1 of The Secret Life of the American Teenager. It aired on January 19, 2009.


So where did Ricky learn how to be such a lying, manipulative creep, anyway? We finally find out when his dad, Bob Underwood, slithers into the picture. He's creepy like a snake, and he scares Amy and Ashley just by walking up the driveway and introducing himself.

Bob starts to make the rounds, going from the Juergens', where he gets George's attention by offering financial help with the baby, to the batting cages, where Ricky and Grace are on a date. Ricky freaks out when he sees his dad. He threatens Bob with a bat, which leaves Bob totally unimpressed but scares Grace. (Note that, while Grace is alone in the batting cage, Ricky's on a bench just outside, setting up a booty call with Adrian for later. Nice.)

As the parents and kids start talking about Bob, the truth about Ricky's past starts to surface. But is it the truth? Who's lying, the ex-con dad we don't know, or the scheming son we do? Amy tells her folks about Bob's sexually abusive ways. Worried about Adrian, Ruben finds out too, but all he's legally allowed to tell Adrian is that she should stop seeing her booty-calling boy with the dangerous dad. He makes that point, kind of, but she won't listen to his other point that Ricky only cares about Ricky and not about her.

Meanwhile, none of this is making the future look rosy for the unborn kid. Creepy new grandpa in the picture? Eww. And with Anne increasingly uncertain about her own future (she sounds just like Amy when she fantasizes about getting a job and going back to finish her degree), Amy starts taking the adoption option more seriously. She just can't deal. Problem is, neither Ben nor Ricky likes that idea. At all.

Interestingly, Ashley and Anne both seek out Reverend Stone (aka Jack's step-dad) for guidance. Ashley wants him to save her parents' marriage, while Anne just wants to talk about things. When he offers to speak with some nice couples in the congregation who might want to adopt Amy's baby, she's very open to that.

And Bob? Well, Bob has a similar idea. He surprises Ricky in a parking lot (the guy always turns up in weird places!) and tells his angry son that he knows of some "nice couples" who would adopt Amy's baby too ... for a healthy fee. Looks like grandpa's looking to cash in. But will proud (accidental) papa Ricky let him?