"The Rhythm of Life" is a The Secret Life of the American Teenager episode from season two.


Ricky's over at the Juergenses', taking care of John, when he walks in on a game of poker between Ruben and George. That's when George confronts him about the little kissing session Ricky and Amy had. Needless to say, things get a bit awkward.

But it's just as awkward over at the Mother-Daughter Dance at Grant High, where Kathleen, Cindy, and Anne are talking about their husbands or soon-to-be-husbands (Jeff, Ruben, and George), and Emily (Madison's step-mom) sort of lets on to Deborah (Lauren's mom) that Madison might be having sex. Meanwhile, there's a rumor among the girls that Amy's a bad kisser, which is why Jimmy won't call her. But Adrian suspects something else might be up. And she has a plan to figure it out.

Back at the Juergens place, Ricky tries to convince Ruben and George that it was just harmless kissing practice and nothing more. While both fathers are angry, Ruben agrees to let Ricky be the one to tell Adrian about it.

Jack, meanwhile, calls Madison to try to talk about their relationship and how much he really likes her. Madison, who's still at the dance, tells him that if he's serious about being boyfriend-girlfriend, he needs to stop being friends with Grace. And she hangs up, happy.

Over at the Boykewich household, Alice (back early from the dance) and Henry try to get Ben to say who he likes more: Grace or Amy. Ben ends up realizing that he only broke up with Amy because he was scared that if he and Amy were ever to have sex, she'd get pregnant again. Once he's had this breakthrough, he decides he's still in love with her and needs to get her back. After Alice and Henry leave, Leo comes in to say good night. Ben tells him about the breakthrough and says he plans to tell Amy too. Leo tries to talk him out of it, but Ben's not listening. He calls up George and asks to swing by the Juergens house that same night.

Back at Grant High, the Mother-Daughter Dance is winding down ... but not without creating its fair share of drama. Anne, afraid that the other mothers are judging her, blurts out that she's getting married to George for the second time—even though she hasn't said anything like that to HIM.

To figure out if Amy is having sex, Adrian asks her for a condom. Amy's in a rush to talk to Anne about the marriage rumor, so she hands over the condom Ashley gave her before her date with Jimmy. Now Adrian's seriously suspicious. And just to make sure she does some real damage, she thanks Amy a second time for the condom—in front of everyone else at the dance, sparking a firestorm of rumors and questions.

Before the dance ends, Dr. Bink delivers a warm speech about girls being good to each other and helping one another, and then she invites all the moms and daughters to join her on the dance floor. Most of them do!

Soon after Amy gets home, Ben shows up with a pizza box. But before he even has a chance to tell her his true feelings, she says she kissed Ricky (but it was "just a kiss"). A stricken Ben just says "good night" and walks back to his car.

After he leaves, Amy tells George it was just one kiss between her and Ricky—a self-esteem booster—and that she's not interested in him. She knows he could never be a good boyfriend to her, anyway. Besides, she tells George, Ricky's in love with Adrian, and Amy's finally seeing how her actions might be hurting Adrian.

If only Adrian knew all that. Back at home, she's already suspicious about the condom, and when she sees Ben just sitting out front in his car, she assumes the worst. Grace is on the phone asking her not to do anything rash, but Adrian isn't hearing her. Then, when Ruben hints that maybe Ricky's not the kind of guy she thinks he is, Adrian's even more convinced. She leaves her phone in the kitchen and goes outside and gets into the car with Ben, who's surprised ... but happy to see her.

Too bad she misses the call from Ricky—and his text that says "I love you."

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