"The Second Time Around" is a The Secret Life of the American Teenager episode from season two.


Anne still isn't ready to come home yet from her getaway at Mimsy's, so George is going over there with her wedding ring and an armful of gladiolas. (Yes, they're cheap, but they're what he courted her with in college.) But will Anne take the bait?

Amy, on the other hand, is on her third date with Jimmy when he reveals that he's waiting for the right girl to lose his virginity to. So, could Amy be the one? Or is she still haunted by the ghosts of boys (Ricky) and boyfriends (Ben) past?

Ben seems to be moving on just fine. As a matter of fact, he even has a secret date planned—with Grace, of all people. That's right: He asked her out on a date, and she said yes. It's supposed to be a secret, which is why Ben lies to Alice and Henry about it, but of course Grace mentions it to Jack, who spills the beans while on a double date with Madison and Lauren and her new boy, Jesse. As a matter of fact, the two couples run into Amy and Jimmy, and they all end up having a sort-of triple date. Talk about awkward.

But Ben's not the only one with a hot new prospect. Griffin thinks Ashley needs a boyfriend, so he sends his hot cousin Grant over to deliver a pizza to her. Grant is instantly smitten—so much that he sits down and listens to her talk all about her parents' issues. Just when he tries to kiss her, a dog wanders into the backyard and Moose chases it away, wrecking the moment. Ashley says she wouldn't have kissed him anyway.

Over at Ricky's place, he and Adrian are having a romantic night in, complete with a home-cooked meal and candles. Too bad Amy's calling every two seconds to check up on John—and Adrian. You'd think Jimmy might be put off by that—and he does call Amy on it—but they end up making out in his car anyway. For hours.

George, meanwhile, has taken his road trip to see Anne—and gotten into a minor accident involving a squirrel on the way. But when he shows up at Mimsy's, bleeding and with crumpled gladiolas in hand, who should he find holding baby Robie but ... Josh, Anne's ex-boyfriend(!). Josh tells George he never slept with Anne—it was all a lie she made up just to get back at George for his cheating. Josh tells George to go home and let Anne come to him. Although George leaves without even seeing her, when Anne finds the gladiolas, she gets kinda misty-eyed. Did his romantic plot work?

Over at the Bowmans', Ben and Grace are really hitting it off—so much so that, as he's leaving, she plants a big one on him ... shocking him. He floats out. Is this the beginning of a new romance? Seems like it, since Grace later tells Jack they'll never be boyfriend and girlfriend again ... much to his dismay.

As for Amy, Jimmy brings her home, and she's on a cloud. Oops—she forgot her purse in his car. While he goes to get it for her, she tells Ashley what a great time she's had. Meanwhile, her purse tumbles out of the car when Jimmy opens the door, and as he's putting everything back in, he finds ... a condom? Ashley gave it to Amy before the date—just in case—but it sends Jimmy totally the wrong message. Grant chooses that moment to leave and, as he walks out, he meets Jimmy in the driveway. Jimmy asks him to take Amy's purse in for him, and he drives off.

Poor Amy—she's crushed. Why didn't Jimmy come in? What happened? And also ... who's Grant? And where's Dad? But most important—why didn't Jimmy come back in? She's even less pleased when Madison calls to tell her that Ben and Grace were on a date.

As for the parents: There's good news and there's bad news. First the good: Cindy and Ruben are getting married, and Cindy's not moving to New York. Also, Betty and Leo are planning a divine wedding of their own. Now for the bad news. Anne does come back to George, but when she sees him in the backyard chatting up a female neighbor (that stray dog's owner), she assumes the worst and leaves home again without even saying hello. Or goodbye.

Too bad she can't hear what he's saying: George is telling that attractive neighbor that he's in love with his wife. So much for happy endings.

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